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Greater than: >

Lesser than: <

Example: 10 > 2 (ten is greater than two), 2 < 10 (two is less than ten).

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Q: What are the symbols for greater than ad less than than?
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Why AD is greater than BC?

Greater means either larger or more important. I would say AD is neither in relation to BC. What you call a year is up to you and your culture.

A sentence using ad in it?

Ad as short for advertisement: I saw the same coffee maker as mine in an ad for James Stores at six dollars less than I paid.

What is a correct prefix to add to adequate?

&quot;In&quot; as in &quot;inadequate,&quot; meaning less than adequate or lacking.

When did Saint James the Greater live?

James the Greater lived in the first century AD.

What is the latin for greater good?

"Ad Majorem Bonum"

Who created the greater than and less than symbols?

It will likely never be known. However, the first appearance was in the book authored from the papers of Thomas Harriot entitled The Artis Analyticae Praxis ad Aequationes Algebraicas Resolvendas (Analytical Arts Applied to Solving Algebraic Equations) published 1631 after his death in 1621. It was his last will to have his work published. His papers are no longer in existence so the safest answer would be to say it was Thomas Harriot or one of the persons that took on the task of publishing such as Walter Warner. It was said that while surveying in North America Harriot saw a symbol on a Native American similar to a greater than and less than symbol transposed and turned 90 degrees.Your best bet is to invent a time machine. Come pick me up before you go.

What did the romans have that barbarians didn't have?

The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.The Romans ad a more advanced civilization than the barbarians.

What is a positive integer in math?

A positive integer is a whole number greater than zero (1, 2, 3, 4, etc. ad infinitum).

How did Saint James the Greater die?

St. James the Greater was stabbed with a sword in 44 AD by King Herod.

What is the date of death for Saint James the Greater?

44 AD in Judea.

Ad majorem de gloriam?

The phrase is 'Ad majorem [or maiorem] Dei gloriam'. It is Latin and means 'to the greater glory of God'.

When did St. James the Greater live?

James was born early in the first century AD and died in the year 44 AD.

How do say for the greater glory of God in Latin?

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

What does ad maiora natus means?

The Literal Meaning is "Born For Greater Things"

How to say in Latin all for the greater honor and glory of God?

This is the motto of the Jesuit order. It is Ad majorem Dei gloriam which means "For the greater glory of God". If you want "All for the greater honor and glory of God", it would be Omnis ad majorem Dei gloriam et honorem

What is the difference between AD and AC?

Ad is higher than ac

Who alleged that Jesus was less than divine?

Arius - 250 - 336 ADArius asserted that the Son of God was a subordinate entity to God the Father.

What does 'Ad maiorem Dei gloriam' mean?

The phrase 'Ad maiorem Dei gloriam' means To the greater glory of God. In the word-by-word translation, the preposition 'ad' means 'to'. The adjective 'maiorem' means 'greater'. The noun 'Dei' means 'God'. The noun 'gloriam' means 'glory'.

Can the diffference of two sides of a triangle be equal to less than a third side?

The difference between two sides of a triangle will always be less than the third side.Let ABC be a triangle where AC > AB, extend side AB to point D so that AD = AB + (AC-AB) = AC. Therefore, since AC = AD, triangle ADC is a isosceles where angles ADC and ACD are equal.In the triangle BCD, angle BCD < BDC, Since, angles BCD is part of angle ACD (ACB + BCD ) and angle ACD is equal to BDC .Therefore, using the knowledge that, in a triangle, side opposite a greater angle is always greater than the side opposite a smaller angle, it is proved that, the difference between two sides is always lesser than the third side.In an isosceles, the difference of two sides is zero, since the sides are equal. The third side would always be greater than zero to form a triangle. The same logic can be applied to an equilateral triangle.

Does a table have a temperature equal to greater than or less than the temperature of the air?

At equilibrium the table ad air will have the same temperature. Any change in air temperature will change the temperature of the table but the change in table temperature will lag behind the change in air temperature. If you feel a table in a room it may feel cooler than the air temperature as the table material is more conductive of the heat from your skin than the air.

How can you tell if one fraction is greater than the other?

If both fractions are made up of positive integers then the easiest method is to cross-multiply.If you want to compare A/B and C/Dlook at AD and CBIf AD > CB then the fraction with A in it ie A/B is bigger.If CB > AD then the fraction with C in it ie C/D is bigger.If AD = BC, the two fractions are equal.

What is the meaning of AMDG?

"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" : Latin for To the Greater Glory of God.

What company has used the ad slogan Price less?


Does the year 55 AD come before the year 51 AD?

No. 55 AD came 4 years later than 51 AD.

Who make greater contribution to society scientists or film stars?

A moments though by anyone would tell you that scientists have had a far greater effect and contribution than any film star. So have street cleaners, nurses, doctors, engineers, ad infinitum.