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The hour hand, the minute hand and the second hand.

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Q: What are the three hands on the clock called?
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Related questions

What do you call a clock that has three hands?

An analogue clock.

What is a clock called with just hands?

An analog clock.

What angle are clock hands at two fifty?

150 degrees. usually, we say ten to three when talking about clock hands. if the clock says 2:50 it's digital and has no hands.

How many hands are on a clock?

None, two, or three.

What is 3 H's of a C?

"Three Hands of a Clock" (hour, minute and second hands).

What elements glows in the dark on some hands of the clock?

Glowing clock hands are made with a radioactive isotope of hydrogen called tritium.

What is the second hand on a clock called?

Sometimes, it is called a sweep hand, but the hands on a clock usually are called hour, minute, and second.

If men have two hands and monkeys have four hands what has just three hands?

An analog clock: an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand.

What is the angle of a clock when the hands are at three thirty?

The angle is 90 degrees.

What is a analogclock?

A so-called 'analog' clock is one with hands. A so-called'digital' clock is one that displays the time in numbers.

How many times between 3 and 6o'clock will the hands of a clock coincide?


What does 3 H of a C stand for brain teaser?

Three hands of a clock.

How many times do a clock's three hands overlap in a day?

All 3 hands overlap 24 times a day.

When was No Hands on the Clock created?

No Hands on the Clock was created in 1941.

What is the duration of No Hands on the Clock?

The duration of No Hands on the Clock is 1.27 hours.

How do the hands move on the clocks?

A clock moves clockwise with three hands; one that moves every second, sixty seconds, and 60 minutes.

What type of angle is formed by a clocks hands when it hit three o clock?

90 degrees

When was Clock Without Hands created?

Clock Without Hands was created in 2001.

When is two times tht the hands of a clock forms a right angle?

At nine o'clock and three o'clock

Which hand on the clock is the second hand?

The one which moves the fastest, it is also usually the thinnest of the three hands.

Directions of hands of a clock?

All of the hands of a normal analog clock move in the "clockwise" direction.

From noon to midnight how many times do the hands of the clock form a straight line?

The hands of the clock will form a straight line 12 times.

What are the three main parts to the clock?

The three main parts of a clock is called an energy supply, a mechanism for regulating the energy and a way of showing the passing of time

What is an anolog clock?

A clock with hands, and mechanical workings.

How do you draw a clock?

To draw a clock you need hands.