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The basic definition of speed is:

speed = distance / time

Solve this equation for distance, or solve it for time, to get two additional versions of the equation.

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Q: What are the three ways to write speed equation to find the time distance and speed?
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How do you write an equation for distance?

Distance= speed/ time D=V/t (capitals are important for distance and velocity

How do you write calculating average speed in words?

Distance equals speed divided by time. Speed equals distance divided by time. Time equals distance divided by speed

Write the equation for the synchronous speed of a three phase squirrel cage induction motor?

The equation is 60F/N where F is the supply frequency, usually 50 or 60 Hz, and N is the number of pole-pairs.

How do you write this math equation out in words 51.93?

'51.93' is not an equation. It's a number. When you write or speak it, it comes out "fifty-one and ninety-three hundredths".

What is the formula for finding the distance and time from the speed?

Distance = (speed) multiplied by (time)Speed = (distance) divided by (time)Time = (distance) divided by (speed)These three formulas are all equivalent ... knowing any one of them, you can easily write the other two.What they show you is that in order to find the distance OR the speed OR the time, you have to knowboth of the other two quantities.The answer to your question is: If you only know the speed, then you CAN'T find the distance AND the time.This makes sense: You can have a million cars all driving at the same speed. That certainly doesn't meanthat they all drive for same length of time and cover the same distance, does it ? ! ?

How do you write a rule as an equation?

write a rule as an equation

Write and label the equation that relates the speed wavelength and frequency of electromagnetic radiation?

The equation is c=wf where c is the speed and w is the wavelength and f is the frequency.The speed of electromagnetic radiation is c= 3E8 meters/second in space.

How do you write a speed triangle?

Draw a triangle and separate each vertex section. In the top section you have distance. In the bottom left you have speed. In the bottom right you have time. Divide distance by one of the others to get the missing one or multiply speed by time to get distance.

Can you write the equation out?

Yes, you can write an equation out in words. This is often done to make clear what the equation in numerals is.

How do you write a balanced equation for the oxidation of sucrose?

how do you write the balance equation of sucrose?

Write an algorithm to find the root of quadratic equation?

Write an algorithm to find the root of quadratic equation

How long will it take to drive 300 miles going 80 miles per hour?

This is a distance, rate, and time problem, so we can use the equation d=r/t where d is the distance, r is the rate, and t is the time. The equation states that the distance an object travels is equal to its rate (the speed; in this case, 80 miles per hour) divided by the time. If we want to find the time from this, we need to use algebra to solve for t. Doing so will yield the equation t=r/d using the simple process of cross multiplication. All you have to do now is use your values for the distance and speed and you have your answer (which will be 7.5 hours if you have to write the time in terms of hours).

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