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30 cm ruler, 5 Metre steel roll up tape, Electronic scales , Spring balance scales, Scientific Beam Balance, Clocks, Watches, Sundials, The basic things which we measure are :- LENGTH, MASS, and TIME. All other measures are based on these three Also, Verniers, and Micrometers, and Weighbridges..

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Q: What are the tools in obtaining measurements?
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What is the science of obtaining reliable measurements from photographs?


What are some guidelines for obtaining accurate observations?

Making careful sketches and Taking careful measurements

Making measurements with tools such as thermometers is a kind of?


What are the uses of measuring tools?

To obtain accurate measurements.

Definition of measuring tools?

Measuring tools are instruments used for obtaining quantities, dimensions or forces of real world objects.

How are metric measurements made?

They are made using appropriate tools or instruments.

How do engineers apply statistical distributions in measurements?

Engineers apply statistical distributions in measurements while sampling products. It is also used in obtaining estimates used for project proposals and project implementation.

How do you measure using the metric system?

By using measuring tools with metric measurements on them.

Who needs to know how to use measuring tools?

Anyone who measures things and anyone who receives information concerning measurements made with tools.

What kind of tools have 34401a in their name?

Tools which have 34401a are digit digital multimeters. These tools are used for bench and system testing. They are very fast and highly accurate with their measurements.

Why do scientist all over the world use the same type of tools?

Scientist use the same tools because, so their measurements will be the same.

What are observations made with tools called?

They are called measurements. Like witha ruler or stop watch.