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You must look at the condition when the expression is greater or equal to zero and the case (condition) when it is less that zero.

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Q: What are the two conditions that will show an expression considered as an absolute value?
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Find the absolute value for the expression 13?

Absolute value can be defined as the distance from the expression to zero. Therefore, the absolute value of 13 is 13.

Which expression has the smallest value absolute value of 11 or absolute value of 47?


What is the thing in trig called that has a letter in the center and double vertical lines on both sides?

Double verticle lines surrounding an expression means to take the absolute value of the expression. The absolute value of an expression is the expression if it is positive, and the negative of the expression if it is negative, i.e. the unsigned distance from zero. Analytically, in order to process the expression, the absolute value of an expression is also the square root of the square of the expression.

What are the characteristics of an absolute value equation?

Mainly that somewhere in the equation there is an absolute value, usually of an expression that involves the variable.

Why is man considered an absolute value?

Man is NOT considered an absolute value so the question makes no sense.

Absolute value with a negative on the outside?

If you mean something like: | x | = -1 That has no solution. The absolute value of any expression on the inside of the absolute value bars can only be zero or positive.

How can you write the expression a plus b plus a-b in equivalent form not involving absolute value.?

The expression (a+b) + (a-b) can be rewritten as a + b + a - b = 2a.There is no need to use absolute value.

When is there no solution possible to an absolute value equation and why?

For example: | x | = -1 Or any other equation where the absolute value of any expression is negative. This doesn't have a solution, because the absolute number of any expression is always positive, or zero, never negative.

What is the absolute value of 12?

12. Absolute value basically means to take off the negative sign of the expression, if there is a negative sign.

The ABS SQL function used for?

To return the absolute, positive value of a numeric expression.

How can you eliminate the absolute value from a b a-b?

Since there are no absolute values in the expression, it would appear that the task has already been accomplished!

Algebraic expression for 15 more than the absolute value of a number?

|Any Number|+15