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Well the two equivalent fraction for twelve and twenty fourths is 6 and 18 eighths and 42 and 68 fourths.

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Q: What are the two equivalent fraction for twelve and twenty fourths?
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What fraction is equivalent to four twenty fourths?

one sixth

What fraction is equivalent to eight twenty fourths?

One-third or 1/3.

What is the simplified fraction of fourteen twenty-fourths?

The simplified fraction of fourteen twenty-fourths is 7/12

How do you write a fraction on paper?

it all depends on what the fraction is if its two fourths you write 2/4 or twelve twenty thirds you write 12/23

What is the simplest form of the fraction ten twenty-fourths?

The simplest form of the fraction ten twenty-fourths is 5/12

What fraction is ten twenty fourths?


What is the least common denominators of theses fraction 5 eights and 5 sixths?

15 twenty fourths and 20 twenty fourths

What is the equivalent fraction for six elevenths?

It would be twelve twenty-seconds, eighteen thirty-thirds, etc.

How many eighteenths are the same as twelve twenty fourths?

nine eighteenths.

What is 5.25 in a fraction?

Twenty-one fourths or 21/4.

Is eight over twenty three as a fraction equal to three fourths?


What is the fraction six twenty-fourths in its simplest form?


What is the decimal equivalent of the fraction 3 24ths?

The decimals equivalent of three twenty fourths (or one eighths) is .125 This can be determined by typing 3 divided by 24 into a calculator or by long division.

How many twenty fourths would three fourths equal?

Eighteen twenty-fourths.

Find the simplest form of the fraction ten twenty-fourths?

10/24 or ten twenty-fourths is simplified by dividing out a two from the denominator and numerator, this simplifies to 5/12 or five twelfths.

What is one fourth plus three eights plus five twelfths?

First we convert to the same type, which is twenty-fourths: 6 twenty-fourths + 9 twenty-fourths + 10 twenty-fourths = 25 twenty-fourths or 1 and 1 twenty-fourth.

What fraction is equivalent to tweleve thirtiths?

twenty-four twenty-sixths

How do you write two twenty fourths as a decimal?

2/24 cannot be written accurately as a decimal. Two twenty-fourths is equivalent to one twelfth which in decimal is 0.8333 recurring.

What is 3 eighths plus 5 sixths?

If we convert into twenty-fourths we get 9 twenty-fourths + 20 twenty-fourths. So the answer is 29 twenty-fourths, which is just over 6 fifths.

What are three equivalent fractions for five eighths?

ten sixteenths, fifteen twenty-fourths, and twenty thirty sixths =)

What is .328125 as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.328125 is equal to 21/64 or twenty-one sixty-fourths.

What is the fraction nine twenty-fourths as a percent.?

9/24 = 100*9/24% = 37.5%

How do you reduce the fraction of sixteen twenty fourths?

Divide each number by 8 to get 2/3.

What is an equivalent fraction to five sixths?

ten twelfths, twenty twenty-fourths, fifteen eighteenths 10/12 ; 20/24 ; 15/18

What is 3 over 8 equivalent to?

three over eight is equal to nine twenty fourths , six sixteenths , twelve twenty sevenths and so on. all you do is add or multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number