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Calibration error and measurement error. Also, if the measurements are of different objects there may be random error.

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Q: What are the two factors affects accurate measurement?
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What are the two requirements of measurements?

( 1 ) Measurement should be accurate. ( 2 ) Measurement must have the correct units specified.

Does accuracy and precision have the same meaning?

No. Accuracy is the closeness to an external standard to which a measurement is made. Precision, on the other hand, is the resolution of the measurement. While it may appear the two factors are related, because you can be precise without being accurate, while the converse is not necessarily true, they are, formally, two different aspects of a measurement.

Which measurement is more accurate length or area?

Neither measurement is more "accurate" than the other--they simply denote different things. Length is a measurement of the distance between two points in space. Area is a measurement of the surface covered by a given shape.

What are two factors that affects the solubility of a substance?

Temperature and pressure.

How close a measurement is to an accepted?

When measuring, there are two types of deviation, accuracy and precision. A measurement is close to the accepted value when it his highly accurate.

How close is a measurement is to an accepted value?

When measuring, there are two types of deviation, accuracy and precision. A measurement is close to the accepted value when it his highly accurate.

When is a measurment accurate?

Never: A measurement made is always an approximation. We can get very close to being accurate with our measurements, but never fully 100% accurate. This is not the fault of the person measuring, or what tool they are using to measure with, but it is a natural law that we (anyone, even superior aliens to humans) cannot ever fully make an absolutely accurate measurement.

Which is more accurate ml or fluid ounces?

The are two different systems of measurement customary and metric, but ml is more accurate because of smaller increments

What two factors help maintain a scientist's credibility?

Accurate record keeping.

What do two factors affects the gravitational force between two objects?

MASS of both objects, and the DISTANCE between them.

Two factors that affects a person's energy equipment?

age, gender, avtivity level and weight.

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