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The Line that separates the numerator and the denominator. It is also called as Vinculum.

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Q: What are the two names of a fraction bar and what is a fraction bar?
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What are two names for the fraction bar?

the top one is the numerator and the bottom one is the denominator.

What is the line separating the numerator and denominator called?

They are called these names: 1. solidus 2. fraction bar 3. division bar

What are fraction bars?

A fraction bar is the bar in between two numbers to make a fraction........the fraction bar means divide. For example: 1 over 2 is equals 2.

What is a fraction and their parts?

A fraction names part of a region or part of a group. The top number of a fraction is called its numerator and the bottom part is its denominator. They are separated by a line called a "fraction bar."

What does the bar in a fraction mean?

Simply put, the bar in a fraction means divided by. In other words, 1/2 can be read as "one divided by two".

What is the number below the fraction bar in a fraction?

The number below the fraction bar in a fraction is the denominator. The number above the fraction bar is the numerator.

What do you call the horizontal bar in a fraction?

The horizontal bar in a fraction is called a vinculum or, informally, a "fraction bar".

What do you call the vertical bar in a fraction?

There is no vertical bar in a fraction. A fraction is written with either a horizontal bar or a slanted bar, which is technically called a "vinculum", but most people call it a "fraction bar".

How many parts are in the fraction bar?

12 parts are in a fraction bar

Other term for fraction bar?

If you are talking about the fraction bar in mathematics, the "fraction bar" is the real name. It is sometimes called a vinculum (although this is a misuse of the word). The fraction bar in amateur radio, also known as the forward slash is officially known as the "fraction bar."

What does the line in fraction called?

It is usually called the division bar or the fraction bar

What does fraction bar mean?

The fraction bar is the line between the numerator and denominator.