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Centigrade and father emit

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Q: What are the two scales on a dual-scale thermometer?
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What 2 scales are used on the thermometer?

The two scales are Fahrenheit and Celsius.

What is the three types of thermometer scales and the scientist devised tis thermometer scales?

Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.

What is scaling of temperature?

The thermometer scales the temperature.

What are the other scales used in thermometer?

Fahrenheit and Celsius

How does each scales work?

Scales work by measuring things. Thermometer scales work by measuring the temperature of the air and certain liquids for example.

At what temperature will a Fahrenheit thermometer give a reading that is twice that on the celsius thermometer?

A Fahrenheit thermometer will give a reading that is twice that of a Celsius thermometer at -40 degrees, as this is the point where the two temperature scales intersect.

Was the fahrenheit thermometer invented first?

Yes, Fahrenheit's scale was the first of the five main scales.

What thermometer measures maximum and minimum pressure?

There is no special name for a maximum-minimum thermometer. It generally consists of two scales one will push a slider up as the temperature increases and the other thermometer pushes a slider down as the temperature goes down. You read it by observing the position of the sliders and then reset it so that the sliders return to the current temperature.

What are the two main types of thermometer used today?

clinical thermometer and lab thermometer

How do you change celsius to Fahrenheit on bestmed digital thermometer?

If thermo doesn't have both scales use chart below

What is the unit of measurement of hotness and coldness?

The measurement used for hotness and coldness are degrees. There are two scales used Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius (C) with a little ball to the right of the measurement.

What temperature degree celsius and kelvin are same?

The 'kelvin' and the celsius 'degree' are identical temperature intervals ... they are the same size. The marks on the kelvin thermometer and the marks on the celsius thermometer are the same distance apart. Both scales have 100 divisions between the freezing and boiling temperatures of water, but the scales start at different places. (Kelvin starts at 'absolute zero', celsius starts at the freezing temperature of water.) The graphs of these two scales are parallel lines. The graphs never intersect, meaning that there is no temperature where kelvin and celsius are the same number.