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The two square roots are -22 and +22.

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Q: What are the two sqare roots of 484?
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What are the two square roots of 484?


What are the sqare roots of 121?

The square roots of 121 are -11 and 11.

Do dentists use sqare roots?

Not usually.

What are the sqare roots of 500?

They are +/- 23.36 approx.

What is the sqare root of 26?

The square roots (not sqare rout) of 26 are -5.0990 and 5.0990, approx.

What is the sqare route of 99999999999999999999999?

The square roots (not sqare route!) of 99999999999999999999999 are ±316,227,766,016.8 approx.

How to get rid of sqare roots in an equation?

square the other side.

What is all the sqare roots of 576?

24 is the square root of 576 24 * 24 = 576

What is the sqare root of two?

approximately 1.414214

Distinct prime factors 484 have?

484 has only two prime factors: 2 and 11.

What is the permiter of a sqare of 49 sqare units?


What are the two types of roots?

Fibrous roots and taproots are the two types of roots

How many sqare inches are in one sqare foot?


What times what gives you 484?

1 times 484 gives you 484.

22 times 22?

484 = 44 + 440

What is the sqare root of 0.0625?

There are two of them. One is positive 0.25 . The other is negative 0.25 .

What is five hundred thrity two subtracted by forty eight?


What two numbers multiplyed equals 484?


What is the sqare footage of a 14 foot by 70 foot?

980 sqare feet

What is the sqare root of 530451891?

The square (not sqare) root is approx 23031.054

Is 484 irrational?

No because 484 is a rational number that can be expressed as a fraction in the form of 484/1

How many forties are in 484?

There are 12 1/10 forties in 484 (484/40 = 12.1).

What is the sqare root of 72?

Rounded to two decimal places, the square root of 72 is 8.49.

What two sqare nummbers make forty five?

9 and 36 9+36=45

What two numbers multiplied will give you 484?