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Less than

Less than or equal to

Equal to

Greater than

Greater than or equal to

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Q: What are the types of proportion?
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What are the 4 types of proportion?

direct proportion indirect proportion additive proportion partitive proportion

What are the 3 types of proportion?

ratios fractions and percentages thank you i am a legend

Providing foods of a number of types in proportion to each other?

Portion control.

What is the term for a group of different types of atoms bonded together in definite proportion?


What are the two kinds of proportion?

the two kinds of proportion are direct proportion and partitive proportion.

What are the three kinds of proportion?

the three kinds of proportions are indirect proportion, direct proportion and thepartitive proportion

Compare the types of particles formed in a water solution of an acid with those formed in a water solution of base?

In an acidic solution, there is a higher proportion of hydronium, H3O+. In basic solutions, there is a higher proportion of hydroxide, OH-.

How do you solve the proportion of something?

There cannot be a "proportion of something": proportion is a relationship between two things, and how you solve it depends on whether they (or their transformations) are in direct proportion or inverse proportion.

Are two quantities that form a proportion proportional?

Yes, they are in the proportion of the proportion that they form!

Differentiate direct proportion from inverse proportion?

when both increaes its direct proportion and when one increase and othe decreases its inverse proportion.

What is an open proportion?

a proportion that is open

Indirect proportion direct proportion and partitive proportion dealing solving problems?


What do you know about direct proportion and inverse proportion?

direct proportion: y=kx inverse proportion: y=k/x

What is a statement of equality between two ratios called?

... a proportion.... a proportion.... a proportion.... a proportion.

What is the difference between balanced diet and adequate diet?

A balanced diet has a good proportion of the 6 types of food ie protein, carbs, fat... An adequate diet has the minimum of these to stay healthy and not in ideal proportion.

What is the opposite of proportion?

Inverse is the opposite of proportion

What is partial proportion?

partial proportion is equal

What does proportion period mean?

proportion beriod

What is a characteristics of a proportion?

A proportion is simply a number.

What is a sentence for the word 'proportion'?

The professor's answer was all out of proportion to the question at hand. What proportion is the model?

On a graph which type of line shows a direct proportion?

This graph states, therefore, that A is directly proportional to B. It also states that ... thus showing that this straight line through the origin represents a direct proportion. ... what you are talking about, because there are other types of proportions.

What part of speech is proportion?

Proportion is a noun and a verb.

How can you tell if it is inverse proportion from direct proportion?

you can't

How do you identify the indirect proportion and a direct proportion?


What is percent of proportion?

The percentage is 100 times the proportion.

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