What are the types of slavery?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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There is:

  1. Bonded labour
  2. Sexual Slavery
  3. Child Labour
  4. Descent -Based Slavery
  5. Forced Labour
  6. Forced Marrige
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Q: What are the types of slavery?
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What are the 3 types of slavery?

The last person to answer this question said "THERES ONLY ONE TYPE OF SLAVERY,SORRY" This is simply not true. = The 3 types of slavery ARE :DEBT SLAVERY = = Sex Slavery = = Forced Labour =

What were the 2 main kinds of slavery?

The two main kinds of slavery historically were chattel slavery, where enslaved individuals were considered the property of their owners and had no rights, and debt bondage, where individuals were enslaved to work off a debt but still had some limited rights.

What types of slavery are there now?

Sexual Slavery, Prostitution,Quarry Working

What were types of unfairness during 1850?


What types of slavery are there?

Human trafficking forced labour debt bondage plantation slavery and many more

Types of slavery from 1800 - 1861?

11 states in the south

What types of agriculture relied on African Slavery?

I know cotton was one of them

What types of slavery are ther in Huckleberry Finn?

Chattel slavery, where one person is the property of another. In the book, Jim is a slave, and is running away from his owner.

What is the primary function of the International Justice Mission based in the United States?

The International Justice Mission's primary focus it to rescue and protect people who are sold into slavery. This can be sexual or economic slavery. Its mandate it to eliminte all types of slavery.

What are 3 types of human rights violations?

Universal suffrage, universal education, slavery, and racism

What are Abolished by the thirteenth amendment?

13th amendment abolished slavery and much more. Abolished means put an end to.

Types of Suffering?

Suffering can be physical or mental, mild or severe, genuine or feigned. Take slavery. Slavery is a physical form of suffering. Sickness is a form of mild or severe suffering, because it is a disease.