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If: 3x+2y = 5x+2y = 7 which is the same as 7 = 7 = 7

Then: 3x+2y = 7 and 5x+2y = 7

Subtracting equations: x = 0

Therefore by substitution: x = 0 and y = 3.5

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Q: What are the values of x and y in the equation 3x plus 2y equals 5x plus 2y equals 7 show work?
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How can you show your work to solving the equation of 5x-2y equals -10 3x plus 6y equals 66?

There are 2 unknowns

What is the solution of 4x plus 3y equals -12?

A solution means: Show the numerical values of 'x' and 'y'. You can't find either one with only a single equation. You need another one. When you have two equations, you can find values for both 'x' and 'y'.

What does 5 3 4 equal Can you show me steps on how to solve this equation?

Without any equality sign and not knowing the plus or minus values of the given terms it can't be considered to be an equation.

Can somebody show me the solution of this equation .6E plus E equal 20million?

the answer is E equals to 12.5 but i dont know how it came up with it.

What is the answer for y equals 3x plus 3 its a linear equation Can you please simply show the steps and explain please thanks a lot?

There can be no "answer" to just one linear equation in two variables.

What is the word equation to show the reaction between potassium carbonate and dilute hydrochloric acid?

Potassium carbonate plus hydrochloric acid equals potassium chloride plus carbon dioxide plus water.

Show that x2 plus 8x-40 equals 0?

An equation, such as the one above, may be true for some values of the variable(s). There need not be any solution in the relevant domain. To "show" something, in this context, you need an identity - an equation that is true whatever the value of the variable. The above is NOT an identity, since for x=0 is gives -40 = 0 which is clearly not true.

What are the first four steps in the derivation of the quadratic formula of ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0?

The first step is to show an example of the quadratic equation in question because the formula given is only the general form of a quadratic equation.

How do you type equals in excel 2010 Not the equation but the actually equals to show up?

Type an apostrophe first: '=

How do you make a cross symbol on your keyboard?

you have to find the key with the plus and equals symbol. Then push the shift key and the plus/equals key. The "cross" should show up. Plus (+) equals (=). The plus should be above the equals.

What are the values of m when l equal two?

You need to show the equation. It makes a difference.

How do you solve x plus y equals 3?

To solve the equation you need to know at least a value for x or y. For example if x = 2 then the solution will show that y = 1.

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