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-12 +/- sq root 104

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Q: What are the x-intercepts of x squared plus 24x plus 40?
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What is the factorization of 24x squared minus 49x minus 40?

(3x - 8)(8x + 5)

Factor 4x squared - 16x plus 40?

No solution in integers.

4x squared plus 12x minus 40 divided by 4x plus 20?

x - 2

What is 1 squared radical 40 plus 3 squared radical 10 equal?

1 squared radical 40 is equal to 1 squared radical (4 x 10), and this become 2 squared radical 10. By adding 2 squared radical10 with 3 squared radical 10 we get 5 squared radical 10.

X squared plus 2x plus 40 equals x squared-x plus 190 what is the value of x?

x^2+2x+40 = x^2-x+190Subtract x^2 from both sides2x+40 = -x+190Add x to both sides3x + 40 = 190Subtract 40 from each side3x = 150Divide both sides by 3x = 50

What is 2 squared plus 400?

2 squared plus 2 squared equals 16 because 2 squared is 4 times 4 equals 16. Math: 4x4=16 so your answer is 16 :)!

How do you factor negative two x squared minus 22x plus 40?

Factor out -2: -2(x squared +11x-20). This is fully factored.

4x squared plus 12x minus 40 divided by x minus 2?

4x + 20

Does x squared plus x plus 41 always equal a prime number?

No. it's not a prime number when x = 40, 41, 81,82 ...

How do you simplify 3x squared plus 7x minus 40 divided by x plus 5?

Factorise it: (x + 5)(3x - 8)

How would you work out 40 squared?

'40 squared' simply means 40 times itself (40 x 40) which equals 1,600

If X squared plus 2x plus 40 equals x squared -x plus 190 what is the value of x?

You can find the value of x by equating the two equations.x^2+2x+40 = x^2-x +190Firstly, subtract x^2 from both sides2x+40 = -x + 190Now subtract 40 from each side2x = -x + 150Now add x to each side3x = 150Divide by 3x = 50