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There are infinitely many possible aswers:

1 sq in, 1 sq in and 90 sq in;

1 sq in, 2 sq in and 89 sq in;

1 sq in, 3 sq in and 88 sq in; etc

and then you can have fractional values, and irrational numbers.

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Q: What are three areas that add up to 92 square inches?
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How do you calculate square inches?

If you mean the surface area of geometric figures, that depends on the figure you are working with. For example, for a rectangle, just multiply the length (in inches) by the width (in inches). The answer will be the area, in square inches. There are formulae for the areas of polygons: fairly straightforward in the case of regular polygons but in the case of irregular polygons you may need to partition them into triangles, find the area of each part and add up the components. There are also formulae for areas of circles and ellipses so if the shape in question can be partitioned into a rectangle with a triangular "roof" and a semicircular bulge, you can calculate their areas separately and add them together.

How many inches is 3ft 3in?

Three feet and three inches is a total of thirty-nine inches. There are twelve inches in a foot, multiplied by three is thirty-six and add the three extra inches and it comes to thirty-nine inches.

What is the surface area of a rectangular prism of 8in 3in 5in?

Break it down into parts and then add together all the areas which are:- 15+15+24+24+40+40 = 158 square inches

How do you find the area of a trapezoid using the area of a triangle?

You have to cut the trapezoid into three shapes. The three shapes will be two triangles and one rectangle or square. You have to find the area of these three shapes and then add all of the three areas up to find the area of the trapezoid.

What is the square footage of 27 ft by 8 inches add to 23 ft by 6 inches?

27.6666 x 23.5 = 650.17 square feet 332 x 282/144 = 650.17 square feet

How much is eight foot three in inches?

Just multiply the number of feet by 12, then add the result to the inches.

What is the perimeter of a square if it is 16 inches?

It depends what you mean when you say "16 inches".If it is one side of the square, you multiply 16 times 4 or add 16 4 times. The answer is 64.

Why it is possible for rectangles to have the same perimeters but different areas?

This is possible because you add perimiters but multiply areas. Consider a 2 x 4 rectangle and a 1 x 5 rectangle. The first has a perimeter of 12 (2+2+4+4), and an area of 8 (2 x 4). The second rectangle has a perimeter of 12 also (1+1+5+5), but an area of 5 (5 x 1). The closer a rectangle is to a perfect square, the larger the area will be, because a square maximizes area. A 3 x 3 square also has a perimeter of 12, but an area of 9. Heres another way to think about it: a rectangle that is one inch tall and 100 inches wide would have a perimeter of 202 inches, and an area of 100 square inches. If you added one inch to the side so that it was 101 inches wide, you would add 2 inches to the perimeter, but only one square inch to the area. However, if you made it one inch taller, you would still add 2 inches to the perimeter, but you would DOUBLE the area to 200 square inches.

How many inches are in 4 feet and 3 inches?

There is 12 inches to a foot so 4 feet = 4x12inches = 48inches. Add the three inches to the 48 inches and you have the answer, 51 inches.

How do you find out the area and perimeter of a closed figure?

for area you times the two numbers and for perimeter you add the numbers

What the Square meter of an odd shape?

Break up the odd shape into even shapes and add the areas.

Why does an area have to be cubed?

An area has to be squared. A volume has to be cubed. Lines are one dimension. Plane figures are two dimensions. Solid figures are three dimensions. Any time you add a dimension, you're multiplying one dimension by another. 3 inches times 3 inches equals 9 square inches.