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1 dollar = 100 cents so 120% = 120 cents or 1.2 dollars or 1 dollar and 20 cents

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Q: What are three different ways to represent 120 percent of a dollar?
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What three quarters make up what percent of a dollar?


What percent of a dollar is three nickels?

15 %

What percent of a dollar is three quaters?

3/4 of a dollar is 75%

Three dimes is what percent of a dollar?

A dime is 10 cents, and three dimes is 30 cents. A dollar is 100 cents, so three dimes is 30/100ths of a dollar. The term "percent" means hundredths, and since there are 30 hundredths of a dollar in your three dimes, you have 30% of that dollar in those three dimes.

What percent of one dollar is three quarters?

seventy five percent. 75%. 3/4. etc

Three nickels make up what percent of a dollar?


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It is not. All three are different.

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Is 3 percent equal to 75 percent?

No. The best way to explain this is to look at it as 100 pennies, which equals a dollar. Three pennies would be 3% of a dollar, and 75 pennies would be 75% of a dollar (or 3/4 of a dollar). 3 percent is equal to 0.03, or 3/100, while 75 percent is equal to 0.75, or 75/100. Therefore, 3 percent is much, much less than 75 percent.

What is six percent of three thousand nine hundred fifty dollar?

$3,950 X 0.06 = $237.00

Describe three different ways in which the concentration of a solution can be reported?

Percent by volume, percent by mass, and molarity

What is 2 percent of 3 dollars?

One dollar contains 100 cents. 2% of one dollar is 2 cents. 2% of three dollars is 6 cents.

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What is three fourths of a dollar?

Three fourths of a US dollar is equivalent to 75 cents.

What is one percent of three hundred?

1% of 300 is three.

What percent is three?

percent is three = 300%3 * 100% = 300%

How do you change three percent to a decimal?

You change three percent to a decimal.

How do you write three-fourths as a percent?

how do you write three-fourths as a percent

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