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10/30, 100/300, 100000/300000

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Q: What are three equivalent fractions for one thirds?
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What is three equivalent fractions to fifthteen fives?

I am thinking eighteen thirds is one. But I would get others opinions too.

Is three thirds equivalent to one whole?


How do you find a equivalent fraction?

Equivalent fractions must have equal denominators, and this is done by setting the denominators of both fractions to their smallest common multiple. So, say a person wants to compare two thirds and one half, they would set both denominators to six. Two thirds would become four sixths and one half would become three sixths. Thus, two thirds is bigger than one half.

What is the LCD of these fractions one half plus two thirds plus three over x?


What are some equivalent fractions for three over twelve?

one fourth

What is one take away two-thirds in fractions?

One take away two thirds is one third.

How to write fractions with keyboard?

You have to put the slash after the numbers one half is 1/2 three thirds is 3/3

What are two equal equivalent fractions to one-three?

2/6, 3/9

What are six fractions equivalent to one sixths?

write two equivalent fractions to one sixth?

Four thirds is equivalent to?

It is equivalent to one and one third.

What fractions are equivalent to one thirds?

2/6 3/9 4/12 1000/3000 As long as you multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number, it's equivalent.

What is the answer for 2 one thirds in fractions?

1/3 1/3

What three fractions that are equivalent to one third?

10/30, 100/300 and 3/9 are three examples.

Is one over three equivalent to five over fifthteen?

Yes, one-thirds equals five fifteenths.

What is the equivalent of one-thirds?


What three fractions are equivalent to one sixth?

2/12, 3/18, 4/24

What are two equivalent fractions for three over twenty one?

1/7 or 2/14

What are three equivalent fractions for one eightth?

2/16, 3/24, 4/32

Is nine thirds greater than three and one third?

No, nine thirds is just three so three and one third is one third larger than nine thirds

How man one-thirds are in three-fourths?

2.25 thirds fit into three-fourths.

What fractions are equivalent to three-ninths beginning with six as the numerator?

only one fraction is equivalent 3/9 = 6/18

Is the fraction 1-10 equivalent fractions?


Which faction pair are equivalent to three ninths?

First, simplify this fraction to simplest terms. That will give you one equivalent fraction. If you want additional equivalent fractions, multiplying numerator and denominator by the same number will give you additional equivalent fractions.

Why is 2l3 equal to 4l6?

Draw two rectangles. Divide one into three parts and one into six. Color in two on the "thirds" one and four on the "sixths" one. If you put them on top of each other, they will match. If you multiply 2/3 by 2, you get 4/6. They are equivalent fractions.

What three equivalent fractions are equal to one over six?

Two over twelve, three over eighteen, and four over twenty-four are all equivalent to one over six.