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a title, increments, and labels on the x and y axis. This is mainly in math and science class stuff.

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Q: What are three things all graphs should have?
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What three things must all graphs have?

All graphs must have a title, an axis, labels, intervals, and a scale. You can remember this using the acronym TAILS: title, axis, intervals, scale.

Which graph shows that you are comparing things?

All graphs compare things.

What should all graphs have?

Whats all the graph

What is are the differences between circle graphs line graphs and bar graphs?

Circle graphs show data in a circle, while line graphs are akin to join the dots, and a bar graph shows data in vertical or horizontal bars, but all three show the same data results.

What 3 things do all graphs and data tables have to have in addition to data?

A title, labeled axes (for graphs), markings on the axes (again, for graphs) and units of measurement. You could use any of the above, based on your context

What is a type of graphical graph?

All graphs are graphical graphs because if they were not graphical graphs they would not be graphs!

Graphs titles bold words and pictures are all things you can read What are these called?

Text features and visual cues

What three things do all governments have in common?

they both decide if the law should be approved or vetoed.

What are the 5 major componets all graphs should have?

Title Axes Data Labels Series Names

What do all direct variation graphs have in common?

All direct variation graphs are linear and they all go through the origin.

What graph is used for illustrating frequencies?

Most graphs: Pie charts, bar graphs, histograms, scatter graphs can all be used.

How are bar graphs and histograms and pie graphs similar?

they all compare different amounts