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There is actually more than three topologies for networking. Network topologies are categorized into the following basic types: * bus * ring * star * tree * mesh More complex networks can be built as hybrids of two or more of the above basic topologies.

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Q: What are three topologies for networking?
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What are the different networking topologies?

what are the different networking topologies?

What are the types of topologies networking?

Bus star ring mesh hybrid

What is the topology in computer networking?

There are several common topologies available for computer networking. The most common is the star topology. In this topology, nodes connect to a hub, switch or router which connects them to other nodes. Other common topologies are bus and ring.

Different types of topologies?

Different types of Networking topologies are 1] Bus topolgy 2] Ring topology 3] Mesh topology 4] Hibrid topology

Topologies of computer networking?

There are mainly four topologies namely : 1) Mesh topology 2) Star topology 3) Bus topology 4) Ring topology

List any four topologies used for networking purpose?

Bus, Mesh, Star, Ring.

Can both networking approaches be implemented in every network topology?

Both? There are more than two network topologies available.

What is the significance of topologies?

Topologies refer to the way networks are connected. Different topologies have different advantages.

What are the merits of computer networking?

1) Helps you to exchange information with the computers within the same network 2) Have different topologies With certain merits and demerits 3) Makes communication easy.

What is true concerning physical and logical topologies?

Logical topologies consist of virtual connections between nodes.

What kind of network do schools use?

Star topologies. Sometimes combined topologies are used of which i have no idea!! :P

What kind of topologies are good choices for highly available enterprise networks?

Mesh topologies and SONET rings.

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