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Right angle, equilateral, isosceles and there are also scalene and obtuse triangles.

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Q: What are three ways in naming a triangle?
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What are three ways to name a chemical?

Chemical Formula Stock naming Classical naming

How many ways can you divide a triangle in equal parts?


Examples of how to classift a triangle in two ways?

You can classify a triangle by its sides or by its angles. I.e: A triangle with three equal sides is an equilateral triangle A triangle with three equal angles is an equiangular triangle A triangle with two equal sides is an isosceles triangle

Explain the triangle trade?

There are many ways in which you could explain the triangle trading method. You have three points of trade that cycle.

When naming a triangle does it matter what order the points go in?

yes, it does

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Name Angles of a triangle in three ways?

A, B, C Obtuse, acuteinterior, exterior

What are the three ways to classify a triangle?

Isosceles, equilateral, right angle, obtuse and scalene

What triangle is a triangle with three?

A triangle.

What are the 3 ways in naming an angle?

The 3 ways in naming an angle are..... 1.3points method 2.vertex method 3.Number method

What are the waste in naming an angle?

If you mean ways of naming angles then they are: acute, right, obtuse and reflex

There is a puzzle that you draw a triangle with any three points ANY three points and when the triangle is done they ask whose triangle is it What is the trick to this game I can't figure it out?

There may be variants, but in the version of the game I am familiar with the triangle "belongs" to the first person to speak after the question "Whose triangle is it?" is asked. A variant with which I'm familiar is one where the first person you look at, after naming the third point, is the person who "owns" it.

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