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Q: What are three ways to write about literature?
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The three ways people used the telegraph in the 1800?

three ways is talk read write

what are three ways to write the ratio cups of cereal to cups of pecans?

Here is how you write it Cereal:Pecans.ok.

How can literature improve the human brain?

literature can improve the human brain in so may different ways. When you read literature in increases your vocabulary and when you write it ,it can sometimes increase ou knowledge of the world

What are three different ways to write 210?


How many ways can you write a ratio?

You can write a ratio three ways. Ex: 2/9, 2 to 9 or 2:9

How do you write 70 divided by 10 three different ways What is the quotient?


What are three ways to write whole numbers?

With a pen, with a pencil, and with a crayon.

What are three ways you can write 256 as a power?

28, 44, 655360.5

How do you write 300 two different ways?

300, three hundred

How many ways can you express a fraction in math?

I think there is three different ways to write a fraction. You can write it as a percent, a decimal, and a reduced fraction. I hope this works! :)

How do you write three million and five?

There are 2 ways to write it: Three million and five or 3 000 005

What are the steps taking to write a literature review on seismic stratigraphy of lake tana Ethiopia?

To write a review of the literature on any topic, first you have to look up the available literature on the topic and review it. Then you can write about the literature you found.

What are three ways to write the ratio seven to three?

7 DIVIDED by 3= your answer

What are 3 ways to write a ratio?

A ratio can be interpreted in three main ways, namely as a fraction, a decimal or a percentage.

What are three ways the Greeks influenced world today?

they influenced paintings,art,literature and theatre <3

How can you write thirty three hundredths in two ways?

0.33 or 33/100

How do you write 3600 in 2 ways?

3,600 and three thousand six hundred

What are three ways to write 20 percent?

20%, 0.2, 1/5

How many different ways can you make the number 10 write the number sentences?

There are three ways you can write the number 10. You can use X, as in Roman numerals, ten, or 10.

What are the three ways to write a ratio?

3 ways to write a ratio is using : to / Example, 4:5 4to5 4/5

How do you write 3.008 in words?

There are a couple of ways to write 3.008: Three point zero zero eight Three and 8 thousandths.

What do poet laureates do?

They write poems for the nation, they promote poetry in many and various ways, they support literary education, they speak out for the arts and literature.

What are three themes that are found in African literature?

oral literature, precolonial literature, and colonial literature.

What are three ways to write the number 81 in exponents?

92, 34, or 81 * 100.

In how many ways can you write the number 3?

3 times... 3 three III

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