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You can run and install the latest software and games faster and less waiting, another benefit is you can run more things at once without your computer freakin out, I5 is a great choice, don't waste money on that I7, unless moneys not an issue. Take care

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Q: What are two benefits of having more than one processor in a system?
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What are some benefits and challenges of enterprise systems?

Some benefits to having an enterprise system is the fact that they are more robust than personal systems. Unfortunately, they are also more expensive.

What is the benefit of having a student information system?

There are several benefits of having a student information system. Some of these benefits are easier collaboration, digital distribution of studying materials, quick announcements, digital submission of homework, student/teacher communication in the forum and many more.

What are the benefits of a word processor?

A word processor is more efficient that using paper and pen/pencil. Some benefits are: copy and paste, easily sent via email, automatic spelling correction, grammar correction.

Whats Processor is better one with a 32 bit or one with 1.4 GHZ?

A 1.4 GHZ Processor can be a 32-bit processor, but it can also be a 64-bit processor. The distinction between 32-bit vs 64-bit and the speed are two completely different things. In general, when looking for a processor - keep these things in mind: 64-bit is better than 32-bit, assuming you are running a 64-bit operating system on the 64-bit processor. Running a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit processor is fine, but you will not get any benefits from having a 64-bit processor in those situations. Multi-core processors are better than single core processors. Having multiple cores is similar (though not the same) as having multiple processors. They can process more tasks in the same amount of time. In general, if you can get a dual core or a quad core - you'll be better off. Lastly, speed is also important. The higher the speed (i.e. 1.4 GHZ, 1.8 GHZ et. al.) the faster the processor can get things done. If you are shopping for a processor to put in a specific system board, you must make sure you get the proper type of processor. If you have a system board that is designed for an Intel processor, an AMD processor will likely not work. You need to determine the socket type and supported processors for your system before deciding on one.

By having many processor can execution time of the task can be made faster?

Absolutely! the more processor cores you have the more instructions the computer can handle at the same time.

What type of processor is designed to let the operating system divide the work over more than one processor?


Definition of multi-core processor?

A multi-core processor is one which combines what are essentially multiple CPUs into a single chip. As far as the operating system and other software are concerned, it is the same as a dual or quad-cpu computer system, even though the cpus are physically one single unit.

Which type of processor is designed to let the operating system divide the work over more than one processor?


What are the benefits to having chair mats?

There are benefits to having chair mats. Some of the best benefits for having chair mats are it protects the floor, it creates a clean place, it also helps with leg fatigue and many more.

Should I get a corporate computer for my office?

There are many different benefits of having a corporate computer system in place for your business as they can store more information and process much faster.

What is processor virtualization?

Processor based virtualization is when a processor in a computer is able to create a virtual operating system on which to use certain softwares and other useful devices on the computer. One of the more prominent companies that works with processor virtualization is AMD.

What are the benefits of electronic career?

There are a number of different benefits that can be had by having an electronic career. You can for example learn more about technology.