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1000 dollars.

While some collectors will pay more for consecutive bills, there is no standard way of appraising value based solely on serial number. There are a variety of other factors that can increase their combined value.

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Q: What are two consecutive 500 bills worth?
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What are consecutive serial number two dollar bills worth?

Face value.

How much would 50 consecutive Canadian two dollar bills be worth?


Have two smith Wesson 3913 stainless with consecutive serial numbers never been fired with boxeswhat are they worth?

About $500 to $600 each, depending on exact model. For a consecutive pair, it can add a modest amount- $50 or so.

What is 2 dollar bills worth?

It is worth two dollars.

What are the two consecutive numbers which add to make 999?

499 + 500 = 999

What are 1995 two dollar bills worth?

Two dollars

How many two dollar bills are printed every year?

about 500

What is the value of two consecutive US 1 dollar bills?

If the bills are modern $1 Federal Reserve Notes with green seals, so many have been printed that getting two consecutive ones from a bank or in change isn't a rare event. If the bills are older, please post a new, separate question with their date and what letter, if any, is next to the date.

What is the greatest common factor of 500 and 502?

Greatest common factor(GCF) of two consecutive even numbers is 2. Here 500 and 502 are consecutive even numbers so, their GCF is 2.

How much is a 1905 2 dollar bill worth?

Two dollar bills were printed as notes or certificates in this series. The value depends on the condition of the certificate and whether it was circulated or not. The blue seal certificate is worth between $75 to $500.

What is the amount of money each player is given at the start of a Monopoly game?

According to my Monopoly rules, each player gets $1500 like this: 2 - $500 bills 2 - $100 bills 2 - $50 bills 6 - $20 bills 5 - $10 bills 5 - $5 bills 5 - $1 bills Happy playing! Here it goes: £1,500. Five £1 notes, one £5, two £10, one £20, one £50, four £100 and two £500. When playing Mega Monopoly, add one £1000 to the notes above.

What are two 2003 two dollar bills in sequence worth?

2 dollars each