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Q: What are two equivalent fractions for 98 100ths?
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What is the decimal for 98 100ths?


What are two equivalent fractions for 98 over 100?

98/100 = 49/50 98/100 = 196/200

What ar two equivalent fractions for nitey eight hundriths?

98/100 & 49/50

What is equivalent to 98 over 100?

98% or .98. If you mean fractions, then 196/200 or 49/50.

What are the equivalent fractions for 28 over 49?


Find 2 fractions equivalent to 7and 8?

I am unsure as to what you are asking. 49/7 and 64/8 are "fractions" that are not just equivalent, but equal, to "7" and "8". If you are looking for two equivalents of 7/8, then 49/64 and 98/128 would serve.

A student spelled 98 of 100 spelling words correctly Show the number he spelled correctly as a fraction and write two equivalent fractions for the number?

The number of correct answers was 98/100.Equivalent fractions are the reduced form 49/50 and the expanded form 196/200You can form equivalent fractions by multiplying or dividing both the numerator and denominator by the same value.Example : you can form a third fraction that is the same as 98/100 by multiplying both the numerator and the denominator by (3/2) :98 x 3/2 = 147100 x 3/2 = 15098/100 = 147/150

What are the equivalent fractions of 98 over 100?

All you have to do to find the answers is divide both 98 and 100 by the same number (if the number divides in without having a remainder). For example: 98/100 = 98 divided by 2/100 divided by 2 = 49/50

What multiplied by two numbers equals 98?

There are several 2 number combinations as factors of 98. 1 x 98 2 x 49 7 x 14 the rest would involve decimals, fractions, and/or negatives.

What are 3 fractions equal to 98 over 100?

As you may be aware, there are an infinite number of fractions that equate to 98/100, but 3 examples would be:49/50196/200980/1000

What do two equivalent ratios make?

for x that makes the first ratio equivalent to the second ratio of x to 14 , 56 to 98

What fractions are equal to 64 over 98?

32/49, 64/98, 96/147, 128/196 and so on.

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