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Some snowflakes?

Some minerals or crystals also maybe?

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Q: What are two objects from natures whose shapes are hexagonal?
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What is an Allen screw?

An Allen screw is a screw whose head has a hexagonal socket.

What objects float and what objects don't?

Objects whose density is lower than the density of the fluid they're in float. Objects whose density is higher than the density of the fluid they're in don't.

What are two shapes whose side lengths are proportional and whose angles are the same measure?

They are called SIMILAR.

How is a hexagonal pyramid a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a simply connected 3-dimensional shape whose faces are all regular polygons. A hexagonal pyramid is a special case in which one face is a hexagon and six faces are triangles.

What does congruent mean if shapes are not the same size?

You can have two shapes - a small one and a big one - whose angles are congruent but the sides are not. In that case the shapes are not congruent but similar.

How many edges does a hexagonal prism have?

There are 18 edges in a hexagonal prism.There are 6 edges on each of the 2 hexagons.Then there are 6 edges connecting the 6 vertices of one hexagon to the 6 vertices of the other hexagon.A hexagonal prism has 8 faces, 18 edges and 12 vertices.----------------An n-gonal prism has 3n edges. 18A hexagonal prism has eighteen edges.86 faces2 basesAssuming that by "sides" you mean what are technically called "faces", eight: The two hexagonal ends, and the six sides.Google "define:prism": A solid geometric figure whose two end faces are similar, equal, and parallel rectilinear figures, and whose sides are parallelograms.

What are elongated shapes?

Elongated shapes are ones whose measurement in one dimension is larger than in others. It refers to an object which is long.

What objects that sink in water?

the objects whose density is more than that of fluid sink in the liquid

What is an irregular object?

It means that the shape of the object doesn't fit into a small list of predefined shapes (for which simple formulae for volume and surface area are known). Such a list may typically include shapes like spheres, rectangular boxes, cylinders, pyramids, cones, certain sections (cutouts) of the previous ones, etc.

What are regluar polygons?

They are shapes whose exterior sides are all equal in length.

Whose 2-d shapes has10 sides 10 corner?

A decagon.

The two states whose shapes are each almost the reverse of the other are?

Mississippi and Alabama