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microcase and spss

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Q: What are two programs that sociologists and students use for quantitative analysis?
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What is the two programs that sociologists and many students use for quantitative analysis are?

There are a variety of quantitative analysis programs that sociologists and students use. These include the programs SPSS, as well as STATA.

Is the students age qualitative or quantitative?

It is quantitative.

Is a students height qualitative or quantitative?


What has the author William B Warberg written?

William B. Warberg has written: 'An analysis of the ability and achievement of students in career cluster programs compared to students not in career cluster programs' -- subject(s): Vocational education

Are the number of students quantitative data?


Why masters in mass communication better than ma. political science?

Actually you would probably benefit more from a Master's in Political Science than Mass Communication. If you can even look back the rigor of the two programs in undergrad school. There was almost no rigor in Communications majors. Political Science dealt more with theory and analysis, accompanied by methodologies that were dependent on quantitative and qualitative data. Communications does have its share of qualitative analysis, but miss more on the quantitative approach than Political Science. Once in the Master's program in political science, you delve more into methodologies and data analysis. Regressional statistics and other forms of statistical analysis will develop the quantitative skills needed for graduate studies of Political Science. The end product of the skills you would obtain from a Master's program in Political Science than one of Mass Communications would be a bigger quantity of skills obtained and much more marketable skills for the job market. It is much easier to major in communications because it requires less from students.

What is BBA's 1st sem Math syllabus?

The first semester of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program typically includes core courses in basic math and quantitative methods. Math courses may include topics such as calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and differential equations. Quantitative methods courses may include topics such as decision analysis, forecasting and optimization, and operations research. Additionally, students may take courses in economic analysis, financial accounting, and computer applications. The goal of these courses is to provide students with the mathematical and quantitative foundations necessary to understand business operations and make informed decisions. Students will be expected to apply the basic principles of mathematics, as well as more advanced concepts, in order to solve business problems. Through these courses, students will also develop the ability to analyze data, draw valid conclusions, and create sound business models.

Would you give 5 examples of quantitative measurements?

5 examples of quantitative measurement are:Weight of apples.Dollars in bank accounts.Length of bolts.Number of students in classrooms.Number of cars in a parking lot.

How many students currently attend Princeton?

Princeton University has a total of 7,912 students. Of these students, 5,264 are enrolled in undergraduate programs while 2,648 are in graduate programs.

What is quantitative reasoning?

Hollins' Definition of Quantitative ReasoningQuantitative reasoning is the application of mathematical concepts and skills to solve real-world problems. In order to perform effectively as professionals and citizens, students must become competent in reading and using quantitative data, in understanding quantitative evidence and in applying basic quantitative skills to the solution of real-life problems.

What kind of programs do they offer at Florida Tech Online?

The Florida Tech Online University offers many types of programs for its students. There are both graduate and undergraduate programs as well as programs for international students.

Television programmes do a lot of harm to students?

Some studies show that certain television programs do more harm than good to students. Some television programs distract students from their studies.