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Q: What are two similar lumps under your jaw in similar locations on both sides?
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Your dog has lumps under her teats and you want to know what are they there for and what to do about it?

Take your dog to the vet. Lumps are never good on any part of the body.

What is The scientific name for lumps of fat under the skin?


Do hamsters get lumps under there bums that are skin color even if there not a boy?

Hamsters get lumps under there bums that are the same as the skin color even if there not male. The bumps are commonly found below the tail.

What are lumps under your breasts that leak?

i think you need to go to a doctor

You have soft lumps under your eye on top of cheek bone?


Where are the hidden vin locations on a 1991 firebird?

the hidden locations is under the mat which is under the steering wheel

What causes hard painful lumps under ears and on both sides of neck?

It may be muscle knots if you have tmj/tmd disorder. I do, and they have been there for years. I am finally getting treated by a neuromuscular dentist. You should see one!

Hamster has developed to lumps under its tail what are they?

If they are very large two lumps and they developed when he grew up, iti s probably his scrotum, they appear to be quite large

Why is there Dry skin and lumps under a dogs coat?

Possibly canine cushings disease.

Is it normal to have a lump under you nipples?

Teenage boys get lumps under the nipples as they go through the hormonal changes of puberty. You didn't say enough to offer you a better answer than to say you should get a health care professional to evaluate those lumps.

Dog lumps under the skin?

These are systs , your vet should check these out in case they are malignant or benign

which of these locations never fell under Mongol control before 1259?

India Apex

Pain in armpits?

I have intermittent twinges under my right armpit. It doesn't much, but it annoys me There are no lumps there. Can you help me?

Is it common to have lumps in breast under and around nipples and could it be cancerous?

yes it can be cancer ask your doctor

Where is the PCV valve on a 1996 Nissan 300ZX?

Pcv valve is on the bottom sides of the intake plenum. Look under it by both strut tower locations and you should see two lower hoses that run right thru it. It screws right under the plenum...

What causes lumps under the eyes?

Generally this is from a lack of sleep. However some drug abuse can cause this as well.

What would cause discomfort in stomach and 2 lumps on each side under ribcage?

Fatty tissue,Lipoma

What is wrong if you have had 4 lumps under each armpit the size of a pea and 2 were a little bigger and the lumps moved to the back of your head and back of your neck?

My son has those little knots or lumps and I was told they are just part of his immune systom and they are nothing to worry about inless the grow to be larger than the size of a mans thumb.

What do you do if there are lumps in your pointe shoes?

Run your shoe under hot water, then hit it against a hard surface to get the shoe softer.

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Where is the pcv valve on a 1990 Nissan 300ZX non-turbo?

Pcv valve is on the bottom sides of the intake plenum. Look under it by both strut tower locations and you should see two lower hoses that run right thru it. It screws right under the plenum...

What are lumps under the skin on each side of the base of the neck directly above each clavicle?

Hmm I think these are lymph nodes

What are small painful lumps on the scalp?

It could be small cysts just under the scalp, i have 2 on my head and they are painfull when pressed or knocked.

For you i have bumps under my armpits and my thigs and on my neck what that's the mean and what about if you have itching skin?

Already know i have non cancer lumps in under my chin but why do they itch and red rash at times? Maureen

What are the locations of The Super-volcanos?

Under Yellowstone National Park