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v=s.h where h:height and s:surface

v=m/d where m:mass and d:density

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Q: What are two ways find the volume?
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What are two ways you can find the volume of a shape?

The two ways are:empirical: measure ittheoretical: calculate it (using formulae).

Two ways to find the volume of a plastic cube?

find buoyancy and the height depth and with and you've got your answer

How do you find the volume of a heptagon?

The volume of a heptagon can be found in two ways. Multiply the side length by 7/4 and then by the cotangent of a 25 5/7 angle. From the perimeter, measure the distance from the center of the middle of each side. The multiply it by two and then divide by two.

Describe 3 ways to find out which has bigger volume?

You can use either your eyes, calculate the volume or practically pour liquids in a given container to find out which one has a bigger volume.

What are the two ways pressure increases?

As volume decreases,pressure increases

What is two ways of protecting your hearing?

Ear plugs and lowering the volume of sound

How do you find out height of a rectangle when volume and two sides given?

If you mean as in a rectangular cuboid then divide the product of the two given sides into the volume to find the height.

What 2 ways can you find the volume of a solid object?

multiply it Length- Width - Height , or measure the volume of a container of water then stick the object in and measure the volume of the object+water then subtract the volume of the water then you have the volume

What are two ways to find the volume of an object?

if it is a regular shape, a box, prism, pyramid, cone, sphere, use a math formula. irregular shapes, use water displacement.

How do you fine the volume of a irregular shape?

There are many ways to find the volume of irregular shapes, but the most commonly used method is Water Displacement.

What two ways to measure liquids?

You can measure the volume of a liquidYou can measure the mass of the liquid with a scale

How do you find the volume if only the mass is shown?

You can't. Volume is the space occupied by a substance or object. To find the volume from the mass, the density would have to be known. Density = Mass / Volume If you want to find any of the three, you need the other two.