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9^2 is 81 and 3^4 is 81

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Q: What are two ways to write the number 81 using exponents 2 and 4?
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What are three ways to write the number 1024 using exponents?

210, 45, 322 using integer exponents. But it can also be written as 10485760.5 or 162.5

How do you write 10000000 using exponents in as many ways as possible?


What are three ways to write the number 32 using exponents?

2^5 2(4^2) 4(2^3) and there are many more

What are three ways to write the number 9000 using exponents?

9000 = 32 x 103 = 302 x 101 = 3002 x 10-1

What are three ways to write the number 81 using exponents?

Three ways of writing 81 with exponents are: 92, 34, and 32 X 32.You could also write it as 8.1 x101.

What are three ways to write the number 81 in exponents?

92, 34, or 81 * 100.

What are three ways to write the number 625 using exponents?

You can use 25^2,5^4,(5^2)^2,5^2•5^2,or 5^3•5

Can you use exponents to write the number 81 three different ways?

81 = 34 = 92 = 65610.5

How many ways are there to make the number sixteen using exponents?

24 42

How do you write 4x4 in exponents?

There are really infinitely many ways to write 4x4 in exponents, but consider what 4x4 really means and what an exponent is. First, an exponent states how many times a number is multiplied by itself, such as 3^2, or 3 "squared", meaning that the result is 3x3. With this in mind, look back at 4x4. Since the number multiplied is the same, we can write it using exponents. In this case, we are going to have 4^2, or four "squared". This is of course only one example, but I'm sure that that will likely be sufficient for your purposes.

What are two ways to write sixteen using exponents?

42 or 24 If you want to be fancy you can use exponents less than one 2561/2 or 40961/3

What are ways to write the number 81 in exponents?

two ways are 9 to the power of 2 and another one is 3 to the power of 4 exponents are when you do x and use powers here is one 5x5x5x5 is 5 to the power of 4

What are the three different ways to write a number in expanded form?

Without exponentsWith exponentsIn word form

What are two ways to write 64 as exponents?

82 and 43

How do you write 1000 in exponents?

You can write it as 103. That would be the most common way, but there's many other correct ways to write it.

Is there a mathematical equation that is the same as using exponents?

Exponents describe mathematical operations that can also be written in other ways (although not necessarily in the form of an equation). For example, 103 can also be written as 10 x 10 x 10. The exponent is more succinct. When you get to a number such as 10100 then the exponent is much more succinct. But you could still write it out if you wanted to.

How many ways can you express the number 64 using bases and exponents?

In infinitely many ways. However, if you want powers of positive integers only, then you can express 64 as a power of 2, 4, 8 and of 64 itself.

What are two ways to write negative exponents?

writing as a fraction, example: 3-4 = 1/34 or just write it as 3-4

Use exponents to write 64 three different ways?

They can be: 43 = 64, 82 = 64 and 26 = 64

How many ways can you write the number 11?

in what or using what? using formulas i can write it an infinite number of ways such as 1+10, 12-1, basically anything (n+11)+n or any combination for n using languages, no one knows how many real or imaginary written languages there are and all the symbols for the number 11

What is 216 using exponents that is not 6 cubed?

There are multiple ways, but one is 28 - (23 + 25) = 216

How do you write 16 in exponents?

Several ways :- 161 42 24

What are two ways to write the number 16 using exponents?

4^2 = 4x4 = 16 2^3 = 2x2x2 = 16 in other words the answer is two to the power of three or four to the power of two... 4^2 2^3

Use exponents to write 81 three different ways?

34, 811, 92

How can you Write the number 367896 as many different ways as you can?

you can write that answer a thousand million ways!