What are you persuing?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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I am trying to get people to spell correctly!

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Q: What are you persuing?
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Why i am persuing BBA?

You are persuing BBA in order to have a good education and make a lot of money some day.

Onelines jobs for 19 years boys persuing graduation?

where i can got the money oneline in education, i am persuing graduation

What is the qualification of IIT Professors?

Completed or Persuing PHD.

Aries men slow in persuing a relationship?

No way!

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

In college persuing my career.

What is a clever name for a board game on the Odyssey?

HAHAHH Persuing Penelope

What does pursuing Btech means?

Persuing B.Tech means working for a Bachelor of Technology.

How can you make impediment into a sentence?

Mitch Longley's disability was not an impediment to persuing an acting career.

Is justice worth pursuing?

yes, at least I think so. justice is way worth persuing!

Give three reasons why people wants to operate a restaurant?

to make a profit persuing a dream for employment

How do you give our introduction?

i am <name>, a student of<institute>.... persuing my<study> father is a(specify jo).. my mom is a (what she does)....bla bla blah..... :)

How do you become a rent boy in Sunderland UK?

basically don't. You'd be much better off persuing that career in neigbouring Newcastle.