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Bench 7/7=1



the Answer is then:100

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Q: What benchmark fraction could you use to estimate the product of 5 over 7 times 20?
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When multiplying fraction by fraction the product will always be what?

The only thing that you can be certain of is that the answer will be a number. It could be irrational or rational, it could be a proper fraction, integer or improper (mixed) fraction.

What fraction could multiply by 4 and have a product greater than 4?

Any positive improper fraction.

What is the product of a whole number and a unit fraction?

It is the first whole number divided by the denominator of the unit fraction. This could be a whole number or a fraction.

Which would you use to estimate the demand for a product at various prices?

You could use a demand chart to estimate this.

What is a benchmark inch?

a benchmark inch is an inch that can be roughly found by somehting everyone has...for instance, a benchmark inch could be described as your pointer finger's tip to its top knuckle is roughly an inch.

What item could be a benchmark for a pound?

A one pound rock.

What is 712 write as a product of a whole number and unit fraction?

You could write it as 7120 * 1/10.

87x403 estimate each product?

There is no definitive answer for an estimation, so you could come up with something around 35000. The actual product is 35061.....

What does it mean when in says estimate each product or quotient?

I think it means to do the work and then estimate it. But it could also be estimate the divisor and dividend and then do the work after those two numbers are estimated.

What is the estimate product of 1638?

If that's 16 and 38, it could be estimated as 15 x 40 = 600

What is market benchmark?

A Market Benchmark is a comparative average used when comparing the performance or volatility of a specific financial instrument. The benchmark used will vary depending on the instrument you're comparing. For example, when looking at the relative performance of stocks, you could use a stock index as the benchmark, such as the S&P500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. You could also use a Sector Index (such as the Banking Index) if comparing a bank stock. The benchmark shows you how all instruments included in the index faired on average. You can then use that as a comparison. For example, if the benchmark index made 10% per annum, and the stock you're comparing made 20% per annum, you could say that the stock out-performed the benchmark 2 to1.

Is the product of a fraction less than 1 and whole number greater than or less than the whole number?

It depends on the whole number. The two numbers could be positive or negative which means that the product could be larger or smaller.

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