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What benchmark fraction is closest to f?

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How do you turn a letter into a benchmark fraction?

What benchmark fraction is closest to each point in the letter E

What benchmark fraction is closest to 23 percent?

¼ = 25%

What fraction benchmark will 0.46 be closest to?


What fraction benchmark is closest to 0.30?


What benchmark fraction is closest to each point?


What is a fraction benchmark closest to 0.12333?

i don`t know you answer it

What is the fraction benchmark closest to-0.46?


What is the benchmark fraction closest to one half?

3/4 1/2

What benchmark fraction is closest to negative 0.46?

A negative half.

What is the benchmark for 3 and 3 over 7?

3/7 is closest to the benchmark fraction (1/2), so: 3 1/2

What is the closest fraction benchmark to .46?

It is 46/100 = 23/50.

What is the definition for benchmark fractions?

A benchmark fraction is the bar line in the middle of the fraction. :)

What does a benchmark fraction mean?

benchmark fractions mean

How do you do this problem fraction 0.034 to the nearest benchmark?

It depends what the benchmark is!

What does it mean for a fraction to be close to a benchmark?

By Benchmark it means what is closer for example the benchmark of 24% is 25%.

What benchmark fraction is close to 94 over 156?

I had to look up what a benchmark fraction is. It looks like the benchmark fractions are 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4.Of these, 1/2 is the closest to 94/156. It is actually very close to 6/10, but I guess that's not one of them.

What benchmark number is 515 closest to?

515 is closest to 500.

Is 112 a benchmark fraction?

112 is an integer and so there is no sensible way to represent it as a fraction - whether benchmark or otherwise.

Is two quarters a benchmark fraction?

yes 2/4 is because it is equivalent to 1/2 which is a benchmark fraction.

What benchmark number is closest to 499?


What benchmark number is 24 closest to?


Is three fourths a benchmark fraction?


What fraction benchmark will 0.18 be near to?


How do you make a number into a benchmark fraction?

you put it over 1 for example: to make the number 5 into a benchmark fraction, you would turn it into 5/1

Is 5 12ths a benchmark fraction?

A benchmark fraction is one that you can remember easily. In the context of time (hours in a day, months in a year, inches in a foot) 5/12 is a convenient fraction.