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Q: What binary and script files present on the system Fetch inventory contains information?
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Is titanium oxide a binary compound?

Yes it is. Binary means it contains only 2 elements.

Is a galaxy a binary star?

No. A Galaxy contains billions of stars whereas a binary star contains only two stars.

Is it true that water is not a binary compound because a water molecule contains three atoms?

No.Water is a binary compound. A binary compound contains two elements, regardless of the number of atoms of each.

How many zeros are present in the binary representation of 51 5?

11111111=255 'o' zeroes are present in the binary representation of 51x5

Is dichlorine heptoxide a binary ionic compound?

No, sodium chlorate (NaClO3) is not a binary compound.A binary compound contains exactly 2 elements. Sodium chlorate contains 3.however sodium chloride (NaCl) is a binary compound.

What machine uses binary logic to process information?

Computers use binary logic to process information.

Is calcium sulfate a binary compound?

No: a binary compound contains only two different elements. Calcium sulfate contains three elements: calcium, oxygen, and sulfur.

Is 02- a binary compound?

A binary compound is a chemical compound that contains exactly two different elements. O2 has one, so its not a binary compound.

Is TiO2 a binary ionic compound?

It contains two different elements so yes, it is binary.

Is BeHCO3 a binary molecular compound?

No, A binary compound contains only 2 elements. BeHCO3, or more accurately Be(HCO3)2 contains 4 elements: Beryllium (Be), Hydrogen (H), Carbon (C) and Oxygen (O). If the formula contains more than two uppercase letters, it is not a binary compound.

What contains the binary stars Mizar and Alcor.?

Ursa Major

What number is the binary representation for a circuit that contains current?