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There cannot be a whole fraction. If it is a fraction it is not whole and if it is whole it is not a fraction.

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Q: What can 87.5 be divided into a whole fraction?
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Convert 875 to a fraction?

Any whole number is the same as putting the number over a denominator of 1. 875 as a fraction is 875/1.

What is 125 divided by 875?


What is 875 divided by 50?


What is the fraction for .875?


What is 875 divided by 2 equals?


What fraction is 00875?

00875 is the integer 875. As a fraction it may be written as 875/1.

What is the fraction form of .875?

0.875 = 875/1000 = 7/8

What is 875 converted into a fraction?

It's [ 875/1 ].

How do you write fraction 875?

It's simple just divide it by 5 when I can't be divided any more

What is a denominator on a fraction?

The DenominatorThe denominator in a fraction, is the bottoms part of a fraction. In other words it indicates what a whole fraction is divided in, e.g (4 is the bottom number in 1/4 so the whole will be divided in quarters)The NumeratorThe Numerator in a fraction, is the top part of a fraction. It tells you how many bits the the whole is divided in, e.g (2 is the top number in 2/5 so the whole is divided in 2 of the 5ths)

What is the product of a whole number and a unit fraction?

It is the first whole number divided by the denominator of the unit fraction. This could be a whole number or a fraction.

What is 25 divided by 875?


1540 yards are what fraction of a mile?

.875 or 875/1000

How do you turn 875 percent into a fraction?

875/100 or 8.75

How do you turn 875 in to fraction?

You could express it as 875/1

What is 875 divided by 0.05?


What is the fraction equivalent to .875?

0.875 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its rational equivalent is 875/1000 which can be simplified. But simplification means that you lose information about the precision of the fraction.

What is simple fraction?

A simple fraction is a fraction that is a whole number divided by a whole number. Complex fractions can have fractions inside of fractions.

What is 875 divided by 40?


How do you convert 87.5 percent into a fraction?

Remove the decimal point from the percentage to make 875%. Then, convert 875% into a fraction (875/1000). This is your answer! You may simplify this if you required...

How big is .875 in?

As a fraction .875 is equivalent to 7/8

What is .875 equals to?

As a fraction .875 equals 7/8

How many inches is .875?

As a fraction it is 7/8 of an inch

A fraction divided by a whole number?

a smaller fraction! eg 3/4 divided by 5 = 3/20

What is 3 divided by 875?