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You can pay the rent in full and then it is up to you to collect the half from your cosigner or get evicted. Your landlord didn't rent you your half for half the rent. The landlord rented bouth of you the whole space for the whole amount.

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Q: What can I do if I have paid my half of rent on time but my cosigner hasn't and my landlord has refused to accept my half and is now threatening to evict us?
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Can a cosigner remove another cosigner from a rental lease?

If the landlord will accept the financial resources of just the one signer as sufficient, they MAY allow the removal of the seond party. Approach them and ask, if they agree they may re-issue the lease in only one name.

You cosigned for your daughter so she could get an apartment you want to get off of it What do you do?

You have your daughter fill out a new application with the landlord. If they will not accept her without a cosigner, and you still want to be off the contract, you wait until the contract expires and refuse to cosign again.

Can a cosigner live in a different state than the borrower?

That depends on the lending institution, but most lenders will accept an out of state cosigner as long as the person qualifies.

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What is required of a cosigner of a loan?

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Can you as a landlord accept back rent after filing a writ in Texas?

In most states is the landlord who has to follow every step of the eviction process. If at any time the landlord chooses to accept money in exchange for allowing you to remain in the dwelling, then the eviction process is canceled - even if a writ of ejectment has already been signed by a judge.

When do you need a cosigner?

If you have insufficient credit strength for a lending institution to accept a loan you'll need a co-signer.

What if landlord does not accept payment and falsely accuses tenant of an issue?

Save the money in an escrow account and let the landlord take the tenant to court. This can be explained to the Judge

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How do i locate a landlord or realtor' s who except section 8?

The local HUD office should have a list. Otherwise, ask the landlord if he will accept a Section 8 voucher. You will have to be approved first.

Can you pay partial rent to avoid eviction?

A partial payment will stop an eviction but the landlord must be willing to accept it. If they will not accept a partial payment, the eviction will proceed forward.

If a lender does not provide a cosigner agreement am I still liable for the loan?

# I have never had to provide a cosigner agreement to someone who is cosigning a loan. I am talking about Tx, NY. and Kentucky. If you signed the same promissory note with the other person, then you are both responsible! CORRECTION: If you are speaking of the Notice to Cosigner below: Notice to Cosigner You are being asked to guarantee this debt. Think carefully before you do. If the borrower doesn't pay the debt, you will have to. Be sure you can afford to pay if you have to, and that you want to accept this responsibility. It is against the FTC rules and against the law not to provide have have a potential cosigner sign.