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Laser interference

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Q: What can produce 3d images of the surface of the objects?
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How do you find the perimeter of a cube?

There no such thing as perimeter of 3D objects . Generally perimeter is for 2D objects but you can find the surface are of a cube if you wished to ask that. Surface area of cube is - 6 x side x side.

What dou you mean by 3d math shapes?

3 dimensional objects have volume and surface area whereas 2 dimensional shapes have only surface area

Is 3d real?

We now have the technology to produce images in 3-D. These are also called holograms. The image is not actually there - it is like a photograph.

Is there any difference between 3d and 2d objects?

Yes there is. 2D objects are flat objects that only have a length, width, and area. 3D objects include a height and volume.

What kinds of images are Carte 3d?

Carte 3D can either refer to a method by which paper is layered to produce a 3-dimensional effects for cards and scrap-booking ("3D Cards"); or, alternatively to a method of producing 3-dimensional terrain maps using clay, rubber, papier-mache or molded plastics. ("3D Maps")

How do they make 3d movies?

Live action 3D content is captured using cameras with two lenses side by side. The lenses capture two images that are from a different perspective in just the same way that our own eyes see two separate images. As an object moves closer to the lenses, so the angle at which the lenses see the image increases. It is this change of angle that gives us a sense of distance of object. The two image streams are then edited and processed to produce a final 3D program. When they two images are replayed, glasses are used to separate the two images so that our eyes see only one of the two images. In movie theaters, the images are projected with polarized light. The glasses then filter the polarized light so that each eye sees the image intended for it. We now see the two slightly different images and we are able to sense the distance of objects as we see them. Most television 3D systems use glasses that switch the light to each eye on and off in time with the images on the TV screen. The process is different but the end result is the same. Animated 3D productions use computer processes to generate 3D models and from there, they are able to generate two images in a similar way to the pair of lenses used in live action film capture.

what is difference beetween a 2d model and a 3d model?

3D objects have depth.

I saw Avatar on normal TV and want to feel it on 3D TV. Which 3D technology can deliver sharp and bright 3D TV images?

According to me, you have to watch the 3D movie on LG 3DTV integrated with new FPR technology that can deliver sharp and bright 3D TV images because it has 240Hz high speed and helps create 240 images per second.

Can you remove the 3d effect off of the dsi?

The Nintendo DSi is not capable of displaying 3D images.

Does 3d TVs make all the movies 3d?

No. Only movies filmed as 3d will produce the 3d effect on a 3d television.

What is the technology that uses laser light to produce a three-dimensional image?

You may be referring to holography or LIDAR which are both techniques that can be used to create 3D images using lasers.

What are those images called that pop out at you when your eyes cross and are computer based?

Stereoscopic or 3D images.