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If only two sides of one figure are congruent to two sides of another figure, you can say nothing about the opposite angles.

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Q: What can you say about the measures of the angles opposite the congruent sides?
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What has 4 sides all sides are congruent opposite sides are parallel opposite sides are congruent no angles are right angles?

A rhombus.

What shape has 4 sides Opposite sides are congruent Opposite sides are parallel Opposite angles are congruent?


What quadrilaterals must have opposite sides that are congruent opposite angles that are congruent and adjacent angles that are congruent?

square and a rectangle

What is special about the opposite sides and Opposite angles of a parallelogram?

Opposite sides are parallel.Opposite sides are congruent.Opposite angles are congruent.

Are angles and sides of a parallelogram congruent?

In all parallelograms, opposite angles and opposite sides are congruent. If all four sides are congruent, it's a rhombus. If all four angles are congruent, it's a rectangle. If all four sides and all four angles are congruent, it's a square.

What shapes have opposite angles congruent?

Any polygon with 2n sides (n integer) where opposite sides are parallel, will have its opposite angles congruent.

Does a parallelogram have opposite sides that are congurent?

Yes. A parallelogram has congruent opposite sides as well as congruent opposite angles.

What shape has 4 sides. all sides are congurent. opposite sides are parallel. opposite sides are congruent. no angles are right sides.?

A rhombus (4 congruent sides, diagonals perpendicular)that is not also a square (no right angles), andis also a parallelogram (opposite sides parallel and congruent, opposite angles congruent). It is also a quadrilateral, which has 4 sides.

What shape has opposite angles that are congruent?

A polygon with 2n sides (n>1) can have opposite angles congruent.

Do trapezoids have opposite congruent angles?

If you mean on opposite sides yes. There are 2 pairs of congruent angles.

What is the opposite sides are parallel and congruent opposite angles are congruent?

every parallelogram

Is a rhombus sides and Angels congruent?

Its sides are congruent but not its angles because it has 2 equal opposite acute angles and 2 equal opposite obtuse angles.