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7 is an odd number. If you subtract an odd number minus an even number, you will always get an odd number. There is no way to avoid this.

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Q: What can you subtract from 7 so that that the number is even but the number subtracted cannot be an odd?
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When an odd number is subtracted from even number what is the result?

you will always have an odd number when you subtract an odd number from am even number

What happens when you subtract a odd number and an odd number?

when an odd number is subtracted from an odd number the answer is an even number.

If you subtract and even number and another even number can you get and odd number?


Is it poSsible to get an even number when you subtract an odd and an even number?


What odd number can be subtracted from 7 so the answer is even?


When you subtract two even numbers what will your answer be?

a even number always

What do you get if you subtract an odd and even number?

Odd. First subtract 1 less than your odd number, (which is obviously even) to get even - even, which is even. Then take off your spare 1 to finish up odd.

What is the difference will you get if you subtract an odd number from even number?

The difference is an odd number.

How do you make an odd number to a even number?

Double it. Add or subtract one. Multiply it by an even number. Threaten it.

If you subtract 13 from an even number the answer will be odd?


How do you write an odd number with even numbers?

If you add, subtract, or multiply two even numbers, you will get an even number. If you divide an even number by another even number, you may get an even number, an odd number, or even a fraction.

What is the definition for the identity property?

The identity property is when you take a number and you can either add or subtract a certain number or fraction to it and it stays the same. You can remember that the ID (identity) stays the same. An example would be 9-0=9. The 9 stayed the same, even when you subtracted something from it. You could even do 6x1=6.

Can you subtract odd number from even number?

yes you can and get a positive # too.... unless the odd # is more than the even #

Why is a even number plus an even number equal to an even number?

You can simply take the lowest even numbers and subtract it i.e. 4-2=2

Can you subtract an odd number from an even number to get an odd number?

Yes, that happens every single time.

What odd number becomes even when you subtract two letters?


How can you use range if the number of numbers is even?

Range is to subtract the largest number from the least number so even if you had an even amount of numbers you would have to do pretty mich the same thing.

What combination of numbers always results in an odd number?

Multiply two odd numbers Add an even and an odd Subtract an odd and an even

is even number multiple of odd number?

An even number can be a multiple of an odd number OR an even number. An odd number cannot be a multiple of an even number.

What is the smallest number which when subtracted from an even number gives an odd number?

2-1=1 so i guess 1, is this a trick question?

How would you get an even number of 55?

55 is an odd number and so you cannot get an even number of it.

How do you turn the number seven into an even number?

Multiply by 2. Subtract 1. Add 1. Erase it and replace it with a 2. Remove the "s"even.

If you subtract an odd number from a prime number can the result be prime?

Yes it can if the result is 2, else it can't because an odd number - an odd number = an even number, and 2 is the only even prime.

Why is and odd number minus an even number odd?

Because the second number from an odd number is odd, and every other number is an odd number. In fact, if you add or subtract an even number with any number, the result keeps the same parity as the other number. So an odd number minus an even number is odd, while an even number minus and even number is even.

Which term cannot be used to describe the number 9?

Nine cannot be described as an even number.

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