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30 cubic feet

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Q: What cardboard crate is 5 feet long 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall what is its holding capacity in cubic feet?
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The volume of a crate is 72 cubic feet what is the height in feet of the crate?

The height of the cube (crate) is: 4.16 feet

When A square piece of cardboard is cut 2 from each corner and it has a volume of 162 cubic inches what is the size of the cardboard?

It has 156 cubic inches

What is the cubic capacity of 92 liters?

The cubic capacity is 92 litres!

What is the cubic ft capacity of a Maytag washer pav3240aww?

3.3 cubic foot capacity

How much cardboard is used when you buy 946 ml?

The volume of cardboard would by measured in cubic meters or cubic centimeters. Since 1 cubic cm equals 1 mL, the volume of the cardboard is 946 cubic cm. In order to answer this question, the density of cardboard is required, which is 0.689 g/cm^3. Density = mass/volume. To solve for mass, multiply the density by the volume. 0.689 g/cm^3 x 946 cm^3 = 652 g of cardboard

What is cubic foot capacity of Kenmore washer 110.45962400?

how many cubic ft capacity is this washer

What is the formula to convert the capacity in cubic feet of an LNG carrier with 160000 cubic meters of capacity?

1 cubic meter = ~35.31 cubic feet 160,000 * 35.31 = ~5,650,000 cubic feet

What is the capacity of a archival storage device?

cubic capacity of a 330x381x254mm archiving box is 0.0319 cubic metres

How many cubic meter in a 48 x 48 x 48 crate?


What is the cubic capacity of this measurement 520x250x320?

86,528,000 cubic units.

What is the cubic feet capacity of maytag washer model LAW 9304?

what cubic foot capacity is maytag LAW9304

What is best used to measure capacity?

If you mean the units, capacity, or volume, is expressed in cubic meters, cubic decimeters (= liters), cubic centimeters (= milliliters), etc.