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Q: What causes high RDW mine is 15.8?
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What does it mean if you have high RDW 18.0 percent and low platelets 118?

if rdw is high

what does high RDW in hematology test refer to?

what does high RDW in hematology test refer to?

What does rdw sd high mean?

nothing if the RDW and MCV are normal

What does high RDW-SD mean?


What does low RDW CV mean in a hematology test?

A low RDW-cv on a hematology test means that there is a very small variation in the size of your red blood cell. Low RDW means that the cells are mostly the same size, while high RDW means the sizes are different.

Recently had a blood test and was advices my rdw rbc auto rto was high 15.2 mean?

RDW (Red blood cell Distribution Width) - Describes how much your red blood cells differ in size from one another. The lower the number, the more uniform in size. A RDW under 15.0% is considered "normal". A RDW of 15.2% is not significantly high and shouldn't be cause for concern.

What does high hematocrit low MCV low MCH high RDW CV mean?

iron deficiency

What does a high rheumatoid factor and high RDW CV and high PLT mean?

means a sign of inflamation level in body

What does Low RDW-sd mean in a hematology test mean?

Means that the variation in the size of your red blood cell is very small. That it! Inother words, no problem!RDW refers to the variation in size if your red blood cells.A low RDW means that the cells are all roughly the same size.A high RDW means there isa high variation in the sizes of the cells and usually means a deficiency of iron and/or B12.

RDW-CV was high - what does this mean?

RDW-CV stands for Red Cell Distribution Width - Cell Volume. It means that the red blood cells vary a lot in size.

Low mch and high rdw?

Low Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin High Red cell distribution width.

What does a high MCH and a low RDW and a low iron saturation mean?

it is in megaloblastic anaemia