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Dehydration - make sure you're fully hydrated before working out or exercising and continue to replenish by drinking water during the exercise.

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Q: What causes muscles to cramp when you overwork them?
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What causes muscles to cramp up?

it usally happens when a muscle is tight and it gets luse quickly and causes a cramp

What chemical process causes muscles to cramp?

Anaerobic Respiration.

What happens to your muscles if you exercise anaerobically?

anaerobic respiration causes a build up of lactic acid in your muscles which causes cramp.

What is a muscle cramp?

Muscles cramps occur when a muscle contracts and does not relax. This causes pain in one or sometimes multiple muscles.

Why do your muscles cramp after exercising?

because you are pulling your muscles then you flex your muscles not knowing and you get a cramp i guess that's why

What causes muscle cramping after rigorous exercise or repeated movement?

Your muscles cramp up after exercise if you do not stretch

What is a painful contraction of muscles called?

Often it is called a cramp.

What causes cramp or a painful stitch when you undergo excessive exercise?

your muscles get so tired from all the exercise that they can't handle the amount of exercise, because of this your muscle produces a chemical called LACTIC ACID which then causes cramp/stitch......

Why do your feet cramp?

Tendons and ligaments along with muscles, cramp due to low potassium.

How do you get a cramp?

Muscular cramp occurs when the oxygen demand by muscles is greater than what the body can provide. When the supply is less than the demand, the muscles start to undergo anaerobic respiration - this results in a build-up of lactate in the muscles. When the levels of lactate become too high, the muscles cramp.

Do you have early cramps before your period?

Yes.the body releases alot of menstrual fluid from the body. This causes added stress in the abdominal, and back muscles. This causes them to cramp up.

Why do the triceps muscles cramp up after weightlifting?

Like most muscles, the triceps can cramp after a period of exercise, and is usually caused by poor posture, insufficient stretching, or overtraining. Muscles may also cramp as a result of dehydration, or as a result of certain acute medical conditions.

What happens when you overwork your muscles?

the accumulation of acid lactic (propanoloic acid)

What happens to your muscles when your cold?

They constrict, cramp, & spasm in an attempt to prevent losing body heat.

Why don't we cramp after a hard work of excercising?

we are using our muscles

What are the end products of lactose fermentation?

The end products of lactose fermentation are carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Lactic acid causes muscles to cramp up.

What should you do when you get A muscle cramp?

Stop doing whatever activity triggered the cramp, Gently stretch and massage the cramping muscle, holding it in stretched position until the cramp stops, and Apply heat to tense/tight muscles, or cold to sore/tender muscles.

What causes feet and legs to cramp?


What is cramp pain in the calf muscles that is relieved by rest?

intermittent claudication

What is dystonia?

It is a movement disorder that causes involuntary spasms in the muscles of the body. It can be generalised affecting the whole body or focal affecting specific parts eg writers cramp, blepharospasm.

What type 0f fermentation is responsible for a leg cramp?

A leg cramp is caused by a build up of lactic acid in your muscles, so the type of fermentation responsible for a leg cramp is lactic acid fermentation.

What happens in muscles when they cramp?

Your muscles just tighen up probebley because you are doing too much work on oyur muscles. Dont worry about it

Three possible causes of muscle fatigue?

One is a build up of lactic acid, a product of anaerobic respiration which gives you cramps. Anaerobic respiration is making energy without oxygen. This happens when you overwork your muscles.

What causes cramp in calf muscle for a male?

Lack of potassium.

What causes leg cramp?

Not Stretching before exercises or workouts.