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Q: What century does399-300 belong to?
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What century is does 1601 belong too?

The 17th century.

What century belong is 1900 to 2000?

This was the 20th century (we are now in the 21st century).

To what century does 656 bc belong?

The 7th century BC.

Which century does Mother Teresa belong to?

She was born and died in the 20th Century.

What century does AD 55 belong to?


Who were the clergy's in 18th century?

the france in 18th century was divided in three estates.clergy belong's to first estate.

What century does the year 2000 belong?

Technically, it belongs to the 20th century. the 21st century didn't start until Jan. 1st 2001.

What century does the year 1850 belong?

It belongs to the 19th century, because the 1900's were the 20th century, and the first 100 years of the 2000's [which we are in right now] are the 21st century.

To what period of American history does Button Gwinnett belong?

the 18th century

What European country did Mexico belong to until the 19th century?


Who were the clergy in 18th century France?

The France in 18th century was divided into 3 estates.clergy,s belong to first estate.

What style or era Marie Antoinette belong?

The 18th century era (and style).

What period did Mary seacole belong to?

19th Century. She was a contemporary of Florence Nightingale.

What century does the year 1899 belong to?

18th centurery

What society did the children who sold newspapers at the turn of the century belong to?

Children who sold newspapers on street corners would belong to the lower income group of society.

In which century does 150 AD belong?

150 AD is in the second century, which spans the years 101-200.

Which best describes how the US will change in the 21st century?

More people will belong to minority groups.

What musical period did Fanny Mendelssohn belong to?

The Ninteenth Century the early romantic period

What is a dominion of Canada 4 dollar bill worth?

if the bill belong to ninetheen century price is almost $4000.

What century does the year 1000 belong to?

The tenth century spans the years from 901 - 1000. Note that not all people agree on this, and many believe that 1000 is the first year of the eleventh century; but if you count 100 years at once, starting at year 1, the situation is quite clear: the 1st. century is from 1-100, the 2nd century is from 101-200, etc.

What literary era does Rick Riordan belong to?

Certainly, he belongs to the 21st century, Post Modern age, or simply the current age.

Why would an electric guitar not belong in an orchestra?

It could. Some contemporary composers (19th and 20th century) employ instruments like this in their compositions.

Does the Lutheran Church belong to a worldwide organisation?

more central Europe and parts of the united states, innovated by martin Luther in the 16th century in Germany

What were popular beliefs in the 19th century?

women belong in the kitchen and only the kitchen later in the 20th centery they were allowed in the bedroom to join the man and his female slaves

To which country did 'Aesop's fables' belong?

Well, actually they "belong" to the world, they have been translated from the original Greek to Latin and now into most languages of the world including French, English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German and so many more. Since they are attributed to Aesop, a Greek slave and storyteller from the 6th Century BC, you could suppose that Greece could claim the fables of Aesop "belong" to it, but the best answer is probably still that they belong to the world.