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Q: What character is quiet good at math a fast learner smallest in Group D?
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How do you diagram this sentence?

A visual learner needs quiet study time.

What word means quiet in character?

A word that means quiet in character is "reserved."

What type of learner must reflect on information and prefers to study alone and in quiet area?


Who is a quiet cartoon character?

Droopy .

What Character trait word starts with q?


Who is the quiet person in the mindless behavior group?

i think prodigy because he is always shay and quiet :)

How do you represent someone who is quiet?

A quiet character may have a more conservative hairstyle than a loud one. They may have little to no makeup, and have a worried or withdrawn expression. They may be gothic and wear lots of dark colored clothes. Think of people you have met in your life who are quiet, and use those elements to create a "quiet" character.

Who was the main character in All Quiet in the Western Front?

The pune warrors

What are some character trait words that start with q?

quiet, quaint, ...

What degree of comparison is used in this sentence The audience became quiet as the character spoke.?

The sentence uses the positive degree of comparison, as it does not compare the character's speaking volume or intensity to any other level. It simply states that the audience became quiet when the character started talking.

Who is the main character in the book 'All Quiet on the Western Front'?

Paul Baumer

Peter van pels character traits?

Shy, quiet, gawky, youth