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infinite width, contains a plane and is three dimensional

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Q: What characteristics does space have?
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What are the characteristics of the space hubble?

The characteristics of the space hubble is that it makes use of the telescope.

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What are characteristics of volume?

Space being taken up

What characteristics of volume?

Space being taken up

What are. Characteristics of a solid?

They occupy space, have mass, have a definite volume and shape

What is a line of characteristics?

shortest distance between two points in space

The three p orbitals differ in which of which of the following characteristics?

The answer is Their orientation in space

Space has what characteristics?

- Three-dimensional - Infinate Width - Contains a plane

Do some alien races have arachnid characteristics?

If there aliens in outer space, it is possible that some races have arachnid characteristics, such as spiders and scorpions.

What are the characteristics of Plasma and how do they affect space and time?

It is hot but it dosen't affect anything.:)

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