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76 students ranked higher, 320 lower, and 4 equal.

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Q: What class rank is 20th percentile of 400 students?
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If a student's rank in a class of 400 students is 44 then what is the student's percentile rank?

The answer is 52

What is another way to express class rank?

Percentile rank

Armia's percentile rank on an exam in a class of 300 is 85. sanjo class rank is 42 who is ranked higher?


Fran's percentile rank on an exam in a class of 500 is 85 Kelly's class rank is 60 Who is ranked higher?

Fran's rank score is for 1 test. Kelly's rank is the CLASS rank. That means that Kelly is # 60 in a class of 500. Or, if you simplify, she is #12 in a class of 100. Fran's percentile rank on the exam was 85%, or 85 out of 100. Therefore, there are 15 percentile points that other people got higher than Fran's score. But there are only 11 people ahead of Kelly. Therefore, Kelly is ranked higher.

What is the formula for calculating percentile rank?

students below selected plus 0.5 multiplied by students equal to selected divided by total number of students. multiply answer by 100

How do they choose their students for UCLA?

judged by top GPA of the students class rank and act/sat scores

What is the top percentile rank?


The percentile rank of the median is?


Can percentile rank be in decimal?


Class rank helps admissions offices to know how students?

compare with their classmates

University of Minnesota duluth GPA acceptance I live in Minnesota?

Students who rank at or above the 65th percentile (top 35%) in their high school graduating class and have met the above requirements will be admitted automatically.Students who rank between the 40th and 64th percentile (top 60%), or whose high schools do not rank, and have met the above requirements may be admitted based on ACT or SAT exam scores.See related links for specific admission requirements.3.5

What percentile rank would represent a person with a z score of 3?

The top percentile (> 99.86%)

A score of -1 standard deviation represents what percentile rank approximately?

approximately 32nd percentile

For the 20 test scores shown find the percentile rank for a score of 86?

75th percentile

What is lowest rank in cadets?

The lowest rank at West Point is "Fourth Class" or "plebs" (a reference to the lowest class of Roman society, plebeians. first year students are not referred to as freshmen.

Where does 780 fico score rank?

Around the 87th percentile.

What is the percentile rank of the score 20 in a unit normal distribution that has a population mean of 21 and a variance of 4?

It is the 31st percentile.

Where does 1760 sat score rank nationally?

76 national percentile

Can class rank get you a scholarship?

class rank cannot get a scholarship because corrections may be done sometimes by keeping the perfomance of child in that the child who perform really well will be sometimes affected.personal reasons may also affect students class perfomance.

Where does oklahoma rank in area?

It is the 20th largest.

What is community rank given by Anna University?

The community rank given by Anna University is the rank that is given by students. There will be an overall rank and a community rank which will have the students that live in certain areas and their rankings.

Why is class rank so important?

Class rank is important because it shows were your score is, and what class they are going to put you in.

You like to find 85 percentile rank of a series of Data in EXCEL?

Use =PERCENTILE(range,0.85) where range is the data that you want to analyse.

What rank order was Mississippi admitted in?

20th state

How does Oklahoma rank in size of state?

It is ranked 20th.