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Q: What coins make up one tenth of a dollar?
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Related questions

Why is a dime one tenth of a dollar?

it is one tenth of a dollar

Most amount of coins you can have and still not make change for a dollar?

One half dollar, one quarter, four dimes and four pennies. It equals $1.19. You can not make change for exactly one dollar with those coins

How many 10 cents coins make one dollar?

10 dimes make one dollar.

Is a dime one tenth of a dollar?

Yes a dime is one tenth of a dollar.

How do you make one dollar with 50 coins?


A dime is what percent of a dollar?

one tenth

How many ways are there to make one dollar out of coins?


How can you make 1 dollar using 18 coins and a half dollar?

one half dollar; one quarter; one dime; 15 pennies

What is a 1905 one oz fine silver dollar worth?

The US mint did not make dollar coins in 1905.

How many ways are there to make one dollar with coins?

over 9000

What are 50 ways to make change for one dollar?

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar using the coins of a penny thru 1/2 dollar

How do you make a dollar using 5 coins?

One half dollar, one quarter, two dimes and one nickel! Hope I helped! :)

A man has 1.15 made up of 6 American coins With these coins however he cannot make change of a dollar a half dollar a quarter a dime or a nickel Which six coins does he have?

One half dollar, 1 Quarter, 4 dimes

One dollar represents one whole which coin represent one tenth?

The dime, or ten-cent piece, represents one-tenth of one dollar.

Is one tenth larger than one hundredth?

Well think about this, would you rather have one tenth of a dollar or one one hundredth of a dollar? In other words YES

Is one tenth of a penny equivalent to one hundredth of a dollar?

A cent is one hundredth of a dollar (in fact, the word "cent" is from a Latin word meaning "hundred"). So no, one tenth of a penny is not one hundredth of a dollar. (It is actually one thousandth of a dollar.)

What do you call one tenth of a dollar?

a dime

How do you make one dollar out of 14 coins?

8 nickels and 6 dimes

What 9 coins make 1 dollar?

one quarter, seven dimes and one nickel

What do the names of the US coins have to do with their value?

The half-dollar and quarter-dollar refer to their worth in relation to a full dollar. Then the word "dime" is based on the French word "disme," which means one-tenth. With 100 cents to a dollar, the dime is then worth 10 cents. The nickel got its name because the coin is made with nickel. Then with the penny, the term "penny" was borrowed from British English, referring to copper coins that make up the smallest denominations.

How much money is one tenth?

One tenth of a dollar is ten cents. One tenth of a dime is one cent.

What is one tenth of one dollar?

one dime

What does the 1966 silver dollar look like?

If one existed it would likely be of the Peace dollar design but the US did NOT make any one dollar coins dated 1966.

A dime is what fraction of a dollar?

One tenth.

What fraction of a dollar is nine dimes?

A dime is one tenth of a dollar, so nine dimes is nine tenths (9/10) of a dollar.