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Q: What colours did jasper john use to create 0 through 9?
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What is the name of the technique that Jasper john uses?

I know he uses water colours and drawing but what else

What did Jasper johns use to make numbers in color?

oil paints. jasper john always uses oil paints and the primary colours are red, blue and yellow.

What is the birth name of John Jasper?

John Jasper's birth name is John Frederick Jasper.

What event were happening in the world at the time Jasper john WA alive?

What event were happening in the world at the time jasper john wa alive?

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John Jasper

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US artist Jasper Johns is 87 years old (birthdate: May 15, 1930).

When was Jasper Johns born?

John Jasper was born on February 15, 1876, in New York City, New York, USA.

Who is Jasper Johns family?

Jasper Johns' family includes his siblings, LouAnne Johnson and William Johnson, as well as his partner and collaborator, Robert Rauschenberg.

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Jasper Seaton Hughes has written: 'The Seer of Patmos, Or, John's Place in the Christian Economy ..'

When was jaspa john born?

Do you mean Jasper Johns? Well, Jasper Johns was born on the 13th May, 1930. Hope this is what you're looking for!!! :-)

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