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10 nickels

5 dimes

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Q: What combination of 15 coins equal 1 dollar?
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What 15 coins equal 1 dollar?

9 dimes, 1 nickel, and 5 pennies

What combinations of 15 coins equal 1 dollar?

5 pennies7 nickels2 quartes1 dime

What 15 coins make a dollar?

5 dimes and 10 nickels make 1 dollar.

How many dollars in 15 five dollar bills?

15 five dollar bills is equal to $75.

How can you make a dollar with 15 coins?

Five dimes and ten nickels.

15 coins to make a dollar?

13 nickels, a dime and a quarter

.15 equal to a fraction of a dollar?

15¢ = 15/100 = 3/20 of a dollar

What are the nine combinations of 15 coins that equal one dollar?

15=9 dimes+ 1 nickel+ 5 pennies 15= 10 Pennies 1 half dollar 4 dimes Thats 2 ways! Use that to base your information off of hope this helps.

How can you make 1 dollar using 18 coins and a half dollar?

one half dollar; one quarter; one dime; 15 pennies

How do you make a dollar out of 15 coins?

13 nickels, 1 dime and 1 quarter

What 23 us coins equal one us dollar?

1 Half Dollar, 1 Quarter, 1 Nickel and 20 Pennies would equal 1 Dollar. Also, 2 Quarters, 1 Dime, 5 Nickels and 15 Pennies would equal 1 Dollar. Also, 5 Dimes, 8 Nickels and 10 Pennies would equal 1 Dollar. Also, 1 Dime, 17 Nickels and 5 Pennies would equal 1 Dollar.

What 18 coins makes a dollar?

A 50 cent piece 15 pennies a dime and a quarter

How many dollar bills does it take to equal 15 million dollars?


Is it possible to change 15 dollars into an equal number of half-dollars quarters and dimes?

A set of half dollar quarter and dime is worth 50+25+10 = 85 cents. So, with an equal number of these coins the sum can only be a multiple of 85 cents. 15 dollars is not a multiple so cannot be so changed.

How many 30cents into two equal piles?

Assuming each coin is 1 cent. Two piles of 15 coins each (15 + 15 = 30).

What combination of coins to make 100 grams?

35 Australian 5 cent coins weigh nearly 100 grams. 17 Australian 10 cent coins weigh nearly 100 grams. 9 Australian 20 cent coins weigh a little over 100 grams. 3 Australian 50 cent coins weigh nearly 100 grams. 9 Australian 1 Dollar coins weigh a little over 100 grams. 15 Australian 2 Dollar coins weigh nearly 100 grams.

Roberto wants twenty eight coins for his one dollar what is the change?

4 dimes, 9 nickels, 15 pennies

What 19 coins make a dollar?

15 pennies 1 dime 3 quarters

How much is a 1924 peace dollar worth?

7-15-11>>> Assuming no mintmark, the 1924 Peace dollar is very common with values of $35.00-$40.00 for circulated coins. Average Mint State coins are $41.00-$45.00.

What fraction of one dollar is fifteen cent?

There are 100 cents in one dollar. Therefore, 15 cents is equal to 15/100 dollars, or, expressed in its simplest form, 3/20 dollars.

Is there a 15 cent Canadian coin?

No. There's 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents and 1 and 2 dollar coins.

How do you make 19 coins equal a dollar?

There are 9 different solutions to this puzzle. It is tied for the most number of solutions for a specified number of coins (the other is making 15 coins equal a dollar). The first solution uses 0 pennies, just nickels and dimes, and should be pretty easy to find if you remember that 20 nickels equals a dollar. Two solutions use 5 pennies, either with just nickels and dimes, or with 1 quarter. There are four solutions that use 10 pennies (if you allow half dollars). And two solutions that use 15 pennies (one that uses half dollars). This kind of puzzle is always more fun if you try to systematically find ALL the answers instead of just the first one you come across. Have fun!

How do you get 15 dollars?

one 10 and one 5 three 5s 15 one dollar coins 60 quarters

What is the Eisenhower silver dollar value?

Do you mean the circulating dollar coin minted from 1971 to 1978, or the commemorative coin issued in 1990? The circulating coins are worth only a dollar each. The commemoratives are worth about $15.

Make 1 dollaor with 50 coins?

Sure there is probably more than one way to make a dollar with 50 coins, but my solution is... 15 nickels and 35 pennies equals a dollar. 15 x .05 = .65 35 x .01 = .35 15+35=50 .65+.35=1.00

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