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Nickels weigh 5 grams each.

Current-date cents weigh 2.5 grams each.

You can take it from there.

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Q: What combination of coins totals 16 grams and 47 cents?
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What does an penny weigh?

US Lincoln cents from 1909-1982 weigh 3.11 grams coins from 1983 to date weigh 2.5 grams

How much does each American coin weigh?

The weights of modern US coins minted today are: Cents 2.5 grams/ Nickels 5 grams/ dimes 2.27 grams/ Quarters 5.67 grams/ Half Dollars 11.34 grams and all dollar coins weigh 8.1 grams

Weight of a roll of pennies?

The weight could vary a bit, depending if the coins are pre-1982 copper cents (3.11 grams each) or post-1982 zinc cents (2.5 grams each). At 50 pennies to a roll, it could weigh between 125 and 155.5 grams.

What was the last year pennies had copper in them?

Lincoln cents still have copper in them, but it's a very small amount only .025 copper & .975 zinc. 1981 is the last year all Lincoln cents were made of mostly copper (.950 & .050 zinc) and then in 1982 the Mint issued Lincoln cents made from both compositions. The copper coins weigh 3.11 grams. The zinc coins weigh 2.5 grams.

What combination of coins equal an twenty eight grams?

The answer depends on which country's currency the question refer so.

How do you convert cents into grams?

You can't. Cents is a monetary value whereas grams is mass

How many US coins make one ounce?

US coins come in different sizes and weights. Here are the current coin weights:The current US penny (cent) weighs 2.5 gramsThe current US nickel (5 cents( weighs 5 grams (twice penny)The current US dime (10 cents) weighs 2.268 gramsThe current US quarter (25 cents) weighs 5.67 grams (twice dime)The current US half-dollar (50 cents) weighs 11.34 grams (twice quarter)The current small US dollar coin weighs 8.1 gramsSo there would be the following per ounce (avoirdupois) of 28.35 grams:11.34 pennies5.67 nickels12.5 dimes5 quarters2.5 half-dollars3.5 dollar coins

How many dollars in a pound of pennies?

It depends how many pennies is in a pound of pennies.1.482 dollarsCorrection and ExplanationAssuming you have US cents minted after 1982, they weigh 2.5 grams each. There are 453.6 grams in a standard pound, so that means a pound of pennies consists of 453.6/2.5 = 181.44 coins, or a bit more than $1.81If the coins are dated before 1982 they weigh 3.11 grams each so a pound would be 453.6/3.11 = 145.8 cents, or about $1.46

What is the value of one kilogram of US nickels?

Nickels were the first coins to be specified in metric units(*). They weigh 5.0 grams each so there are 200 of them in 1 kg, i.e. $10. Alternately you could reason that because a nickel (5 cents) weighs 5 grams the ratio of cents to grams is 1 to 1, so because 1 kg = 1000 gm, 1 kg of nickels would be 1000 cents which is the same as $10.

Can a penny be measured in grams?

Coins are usually measured in grams

What combination of coins to make 100 grams?

35 Australian 5 cent coins weigh nearly 100 grams. 17 Australian 10 cent coins weigh nearly 100 grams. 9 Australian 20 cent coins weigh a little over 100 grams. 3 Australian 50 cent coins weigh nearly 100 grams. 9 Australian 1 Dollar coins weigh a little over 100 grams. 15 Australian 2 Dollar coins weigh nearly 100 grams.

How much does 700000 pennies weigh?

This would depend heavily on your definition of "penny." Since this is in the US Coins section I will assume you mean American, however there are still variances: For modern Lincoln cents, from 1982-date each coin weighs 2.5 grams. Therefore 700,000 would weigh 1,750,000 grams, or 3858.09 pounds. For Indian head cents from 1864-1909, and Lincoln cents from 1909-1982 (excluding 1943 steel cents) each coin weighs 3.11 grams. 700,000 would weigh 2,177,000 grams , or 4799.46 pounds. For steel Lincoln cents, dated 1943, each coin weighs 2.70 grams, so 700,000 weighs 1,890,000 grams, or 4166.74 pounds For Flying Eagle Cents (1856-1858) and Indian heads (1859-1864) each coin weighs 4.67 grams, so 700,000 weighs 3,269,000 grams, or 7206.91 pounds. For Large Cents from 1796-1857 each coin weighs 10.89 grams, so 700,000 weighs 7,623,000 grams, or 16,805.84 pounds. For Flowing Hair and Liberty Cap Large Cents (1793-1796) each coin weighs 13.48 grams, so 700,000 weighs 9,436,000 grams, or 20,802.82 pounds. So there you go.