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In the playoffs, the schedule goes as follows:

  1. First Round
  2. Western/Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
  3. Western/Eastern Conference Semifinals
  4. NBA Finals

Thus, before the finals, semifinals, and quarterfinals comes the first round. There is no other name for it.

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Q: What comes before final semifinal and quarterfinal?
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How many games are played in a 16 player tennis tournment to find the winner?

If by games you mean MATCHES, then four. 1st round, quarterfinal, semifinal, final.

If you run in the semi final of a relay track event but a substitute runs in the final do you still get a medal if that team places?

Yes, any runner that runs in at least one race in the event (heat, quarterfinal, semifinal, final) qualifies for a medal.

Do the quarterfinals come before the semifinals?

Yes. It goes quaterfinal, semifinal, final!

How long is a soccer game if there is a tie?

If there is a tie and the game needs to be won ex.(semifinal,final,quarterfinal) there is two 15 minute halves if the game is still tied then you go on to penalty kicks.

Use semi final in a sentence?

"Semifinal" is one word: Tom was going to be facing his bitter enemy in the semifinal match. who will win the semifinal?

How do you spell semifinal?

That is the correct spelling of the term "semifinal" (penultimate competition level).Some uses as an adjective may use the hypenated form semi-final.

How much is it to see a football match?

In which country/State and/or which club and which match (final/semifinal/...)

When is the UEFA Champions league semi final?

The semifinal will start on 26/4/2011.

Who picked up five fors in the semifinal and final of the 1975 world cup?

keith boyce

When is the UEFA Champion league semi final 2011?

The semifinal will start on 26/4/2011.

How does the NBA determine who plays in the championship?

The NBA has a total of four rounds (quarterfinal, semifinal, conference final, THE finals) in the playoffs, for each conference (East and West). That means a total of 16 teams (8 in each conference) will be determined by their regular season records to participate in the playoffs. Well after the quarter final and semifinal rounds in the playoffs. 2 teams in each conference play against each other in the conference final or 3rd; the first team to get 4 victories gets to play in the championship round ( 1 team from each conference plays against each other) and the similar guidlines apply to determine the Championship winner.

What does semifinal mean?

The word semifinal is usually used with sports touraments. A semifinal would be one of two matches played where the winners would play for the championship. In college basketball, the Final Four games could be considered the semifinal of the NCAA tournament. In MLB, the League Championship Series could be considered the semifinal of the playoffs. In the NFL, the Conference Championship games could be considered the semifinal of the playoffs. In each of these instances, there are four teams left in the playoffs and whoever wins the games will play for the championship.

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